历届英语四级作文范文 要有中文翻译

1. 娱乐活动多种多样
2. 娱乐活动可能使人们受益,也可能有危害性
3. 作为大学生我的看法
范文: Recreational activity
Abundant recreational activities are available for people to release their strain and stress, ranging from sports to online activities. There is going on a hot debate arguing whether they are good for the public or not, especially for college students.
As for such a question, different people hold different views. Some believe that recreation is helpful if we want to keep healthy physically and mentally. While there also sounds an opposite voice, which claims that activities also bring many problems. For example, some young people are easily addicted to the virtual world online, which affects their study seriously and may lead to worse consequences as well.
   As for me, I hold a belief that recreational activities do more good than harm. They do give us a good chance, and efficiency too. As long as we can arrange the time reasonably, they will definitely provide more benefits for us.
作文地带提供参考翻译:娱乐活动    从运动到网游,各式各样的娱乐活动都能够缓解人们的疲劳和压力。但这些活动是否对民众尤其是大学生有益已经引起了很大的争议。    对于这一问题,人们各持己见。一部分人认为娱乐活动有助于我们保持健康的身体和心理,但也有反对的 声音,有人认为娱乐活动会带来很多问题,例如一些年轻人很容易沉迷于网络中的虚拟世界,这会对学生产生极坏的影响并带来严重的后果。    在我看来,我坚信娱乐活动利大于弊。它能帮助我们提高效率,使我们能够合理的安排时间,很明显它将给我们带来极大的好处。
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay entitled Limiting the Use of Disposable Plastic Bags. You should write at Least 120 words following the outline given below:
范文:Disposable Plastic Bags
      Nowadays we may find ourselves surrounded by a sea of disposable plastic bags. And recently the problems of using disposable plastic bags have been brought into people’s focus.
      First of all, the use of disposable plastic bags causes irreversible harm to our environment. As these bags are not biodegradable, they are blocking the drainage system and causing water pollution. What’s more, customers using disposable plastic bags may think that they are of great convenience. But what they don’t quite realize is that there will be remarkable negative impact on our health. And sometimes careless disposal of these bags may even poison some innocent animals.
      In view of the severity of this issue, effective measures have been taken in our country. There has been a strict limit on the using of disposable plastic bags in supermarkets, which not only enhances people’s awareness on environmental protection but also cuts down the cost of the running of supermarkets.
作文地带提供参考翻译:一次性塑料袋    如今在我们周围是一片一次性塑料袋的海洋。最近使用一次性塑料袋的问题引起了人们的广泛关注。    首先,使用一次性塑料袋会对环境造成不可挽回的破坏。因为这些塑料袋是不可分解的,它们堵塞排水系统造成水污染。此外,消费者会认为使用一次性塑料袋很方便。但他们没有真正的意识到这将会对我们的身体健康造成很大的伤害。有时对这一垃圾的处理不当会对无辜的动物造成毒害。    针对这一问题的严重性,我们国家已经采取了有效的措施。超市对使用一次性塑料袋有了严格的限制,这样不仅加强了人们的环保意识而且降低了商家的花销。
Free Admission to museums
范文:Free Admission to Museums
Nowadays, a lot of museums open to the public for free, and a lot of people are attracted to go there. However, it also brought some unexpected problems.
At present, people can get knowledge from many ways like libraries, internet, and other sources. However, there is also much information that people cannot get from the above ways. Free admission museums supply more chances for the public to get knowledge that cannot be easily accessed. People can learn more things about history, art, science and so on. Although, this kind of policy brought much convenience to the public, it also caused some problems. For example, beggars and shabby-dressed people may enter the museums and cause bad reputation among the public; along with the increasing number of people getting into museums, there will be no enough service establishments to meet the requirements; besides, under the policy of free admission, the cultural relics displayed there may be inevitably broken or damaged by the crowds. Moreover, the crowds in the museums may also cause security problems.
In my opinion, free admission is a good policy for the public, and it brings the public much convenience. But, we should also take possible measures to protect the cultural relics and maintain the order of spot. Besides, we can also take the policy of giving free admission first to children, then to the retired person, and last to the public. I think, this may help to solve the problems.
作文地带提供参考翻译:博物馆是否应当免费开放?    如今,大量的博物馆对公众免费开放,吸引了大量的人入馆参观。然而,随之也出现了一些问题。    现在,人们获取知识的途径有很多种,比如图书馆,网络等。然而仍然有一些知识是不能从上述这些资源中获得的。博物馆免费开放,给人们提供了很大的机会来获取一些不太容易接触的知识。人们能够学到更多的历史,艺术,科学等知识。这个政策给公众带来了很大的便利,但是它仍然带来了一些问题。例如,乞丐和那些衣裳褴褛的人进入博物馆,这样在公众当中造成了不好的名声,随着更多的人进入博物馆,服务设施将不足以满足人们的 要求;另外,由于免费开放政策的实施,陈列的文物可能会不可避免的受到拥挤人群的毁坏。此外,拥挤的人群也会造成安全问题。    在我看来,免费开放对公众是一个好的政策,它给公众带来很多便利。但是,我们应当采取一些可能的措施来宝物文物,维护场地的秩序。另外,我们还可以实施一些政策比如儿童、老年人优先。我认为这将有助于解决问题。
  Create a green campus
  范文:Create a Green Campus
      It is of great importance to make and maintain a green campus in our university or college. Obviously, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that it is our duty to do that in the present days, since the concept of a green world has become the focus of the society。
      The idea of a green campus is beyond a green environment. To begin with, the development on the campus is to be sustainable and recyclable. Some of the authorities budget should be on how to reduce of the waste. What s more, we d better be aware of the seriousness of pollution around us. Thus the idea of environmental protection may become a common occurrence in our daily life。
      It is necessary that effective actions should be taken to protect our campus from waste and pollution, and hence these activities are to play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. Certainly, there is little doubt that further consideration must be paid to our green campuses。
作文地带提供参考翻译:建设绿色校园    建设绿色校园非常重要。显然,绿色地球已经成为社会的焦点,越来越多的人开始意识到现如今我们有责任区建设绿色校园。    绿色校园不仅指绿色环境。首先,校园的发展是可持续和和循环的。政府应将一部分财政支出用于怎样减少垃圾上。此外,我们必须意识到周围环境污染的严重性。使环境保护成为我们日常生活中关注的事情。    我们必须采取一些措施来保护我们的校园免遭污染,这些措施在我们一天天的生活中将越来越重要。当然,毫无疑问为了维护我们的绿色校园还需要更多的保护措施。



题目和图肯定是表达同一范畴的意思的,所以你看图写尽管没看题目相信也不会离题太多。更何况,你觉得阅卷老师有心思细看你的文章找你的主题立意吗?不会!阅卷老师不会再一篇文章上花超过一分钟的时间,除非是他/她心情很好或很不好或变态。阅卷老师一般是文章第一句话看一下,最后一句看一下,然后每段首末扫一眼找看有没有亮点的句型或用词,然后完全凭印象打分的。 所以,不用担心,根据你的情况,起码会拿个普遍分,如果你文章里还有有亮点的句型,那么你甚至可能拿高分。


The Importance English
There can be no doubt that English is one of the world's most widely used languages. People use a language in one of three ways: as a native language, as a second language, or as a foreign languge. English is spoken as a native language by over three handred million people in the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, some caribbean countries and South Africa. As asecond language, English is often necessary for official business, education, information and other activities in many countries, it is one of the few "working" languages of the United Nations.
It is said that English has become the language of international trade and transport. Most pilots in planes travelling from one country to another use it to talk with airports. All ships sailing on the oceans call for help by radio in it. It has been said that 60 percent of the world's radio broad casts and 70 percent of the world's mail uses English. At international sports meets, and international of scientists English is the language most commonly used and the most widely used.
English has in fact become the language of international cooperation is science and technology. The most advanced resuits in space, nuclear and computer research are published in it. A scientist who speaks and writes English is in closer touch with the scientists in other countries than one who doesn't.


1.Chinese traditionnal festival
2.My hometown
3.An unforgetable teacher
4.A meaningful class
5.How to protect the environment
6.Winter is coming
7.World in the future
8.My favourite film
10.My idol
11.How to learn English
12.Keep our school clean
13.Love yourself love your eyes
14.I want to be a/an …
15.My summer holiday
16.My best friend
17.Computer in our life
18.Highs and lows in my life 生活中的喜与愁
19.Changes in peoples life
20.Time and money
我可是想了好久 有翻了以前的很多资料才找到的 又打了很久 希望对你有帮助

1.my favourite star:介绍一位你喜欢的明星(成龙、贝克汉姆、布兰妮)
2.my partner:介绍你的搭档(一般是好朋友)
3.our school:描述你的学校(用写信方式)
4.my family:谈谈你的家庭(有多少人,几个兄弟姐妹,他们的名字,性格…..)
5.Food and drink:make a food and drink poster(写一些健康/不健康食品,还有你喜欢的不喜欢的 蔬菜水果…)
6.self-introduction :自我介绍
7.my weekend :周末做些什么
8.my school day :在学校的一天
10.my favorite animal
11.my birthday :write about what you usually do for your birthday.
12、my dream school
13、my favourite Olympic sport
14、my partners past life
15、a hero
16、write an email to your friend about your holiday.
17、How to improve our English
18、World in the future
19、Chinese traditionnal festival
20、My hometown
21、.A meaningful class
22、Happy is coming
24、My idol
25、Changes in peoples life

i'm the only child in my family, the apple of my parents' eyes. my mother and father take good care of my and give me a lot of support throughout my life. my father is the manager of a company and my mother is a teacher. they are both well educated and do well in their jobs. they know that knowledge is power. father often communicates with foreign friends and is good at english. i can learn a lot from him, especially english. his oninion on education is as advanced as that of my mother's. they often give me advice on my studies but never interfere in them. they seldom force me to do what i don't like to. they permit me to have different opinions. if something is good for me, they will persuade me to do it as they want. many people of our age say that there is a generation gap between their parents and them. however, it doesn't exist between us. my mother is a math teacher. she is very clever and good at teaching. she can work out a problem within 10 minutes which would cost me 2 hours. i envy and admire her. i want to be a math teacher like her. i'm lucky to have such enlightened parents. i'm lucky to have been brought up in such a happy family. 我是家里的独生子,父母的掌上明珠。妈妈和爸爸在生活上给了我细心的照顾与支持。 我爸爸是一家公司的经理,妈妈是一名教师。他们都受过良好的教育,并且在工作中很出色。他们尽最大的努力给我最好的教育。他们都知道知识就是力量。爸爸经常与外国朋友打交道,因此擅长英语。我能从他那里学到很多,特别是英语。他的教育观念跟妈妈的一样先进。他们经常给我的学习提意见,但从不干涉。他们很少强迫我做不喜欢的事情。他们允许我有不同的意见。如果真有什么对我有益的事,他们会劝服我去做。许多同龄人都说父母和他们之间有代沟。然而,我们之间却并不存在代沟。 我妈妈是一名数学老师。她很聪明,擅长教学。有时候我花2个小时才能做完的题,她10分钟就能解决。我真是又羡慕又佩服她。我想成为像她那样的数学老师。 我很幸运我有这么开明


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