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英语四级作文必背句型,范文,短语,句子有哪些 as the saying goes, …(相关的名言或谚语)as far as i am concerned, .in …


as the saying goes, …(相关的名言或谚语)as far as i am concerned, .in conclusion, …last but not least, .一、~~~ the + ~ est + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen ( known/heard/had/read, etc) …


1.as soon as…一…就…= directly / immediately / instantly…

  = the second / the minute / the moment / the instant…

  eg. he came around to see me as soon as / the moment/ immediately he checked in the hotel.


  they informed us the news immediately / directly they got it.


  the policeman came to the spot the moment / the instant / the minute she heard of the accident.一听说事故,这位警察就到了现场.


  (1). 没来得及…就…

  the roof fell before he had time to dash into the room to save his baby.


  he ran off before i could stop him.

  to my great disappointment , my favorite singer left the concert before i could have a word with him.


  they walked about thirty miles to the west before they saw a village.

  they worked day and night about three days before everything returned to normal.

  three years passed before i knew it.

  3.it was + 时间段 + before….过了多久才…. ;

  it was not long before… 不久就…

  it will ( not ) be + 时间段 + before …要过多久 ( 不久)…..才…..

  eg. it was not long before he sensed the danger of the position.

  it was three years before he came back.

  it will be half a year before you graduate from this school.

  4. no sooner …than…= hardly…when…一…就…., 刚刚…就…

  no sooner / hardly + 过去完成时,than / when + 一般过去时

  如果no sooner, hardly 位于句首, 主句要倒装.

  he had hardly sat down to have a rest when the door bell rang and in came allan.

  no sooner had he got off the train than his daughter ran towards him.

  hardly had we arrived when she started crying to go home.

  5. once 一旦…., 表示时间和条件

  once you understand this rule, you will have no further difficulty.

  once you have decided to do something, you should do it well.

  once you enter the chemistry lab, you should follow the teacher’s instructions.

  6. since … 自从….以来

  since 引导的从句不论是延续性或非延续性动词, 都表示的是动作或状态的完成或结束.


  since he lived in nanjing, i have not heard from him. (= since he left nanjing…)


  since she was in yangzhou, she has kept in touch with her former friends. ( since she left yangzhou…)



  1). i have never seen him since he was ill.


  2). i have never seen him since he fell ill.


  it is / ( has been ) + 时间段 + since + 过去式

  it is / has been two years since his father died.

  = his father has been dead for two years. = his father died two years ago.


  it has been 8 years since i graduated from university.

  = i graduated from university 8 years ago.

  it is 3 years since he smoked. 他三年不吸烟了.(即,从句动词延续性的,译成否定意义;从句动词非延续性的,译成肯定意义.)

  it is 3 years since he left school.—–他毕业三年了.

  7….until…直到…时候; not…until…直到…才…

  you are to stay here until / till your mother comes back.

  the meeting was put off until ten o’clock.

  not until we watched the earth day program on tv did we know much about global warning.

  = we did not know much about global warning until we watched the earth day program.

  = it was not until we watched the earth day program on tv that we knew much about global warming.

  not until he failed in the exam did he realize that he had wasted much time playing computer games.

  8. …when…引导并列分句, “当时,突然”,强调另一动作的突然发生.

  one day chuck was on a flight across the pacific ocean when suddenly his plane crashed. chuck survived the crash and landed on a deserted island.

  i was walking along the river when i heard a drowning boy crying for help.

  i was about to leave when it began to rain.

  对比: a: i was walking along the street when i caught sight of a tailor’s shop.

  b: i was walking along the streets. just at that moment i caught sight of a tailor’s shop.

  9. while = although尽管

  while i admit that the problem is difficult, i don’t think that it can’t be solved.

  while i admit his good points, i can see his shortcomings.

  while i was angry with her, i didn’t lose my temper.

  10. where 地点状语

  you should put the book where it was.

  persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.

  where there is a will, there is a way.

  where men are greedy, there is never peace.

  go where you should, keep on studying.

11. as 引导的行为方式状语从句.

  please do exactly as your doctor says.

  you must do the exercises just as i show you

  as it is = as things are照现在的情形看

  he promised to study hard, but as it is , he does no better than before.

  leave the house as it is. i’d like to buy it as it is.



    1. In general, I don’t agree with
  2. In my opinion, this point of view doesn’t hold water.
  3. the chief reason why… is that…
  4.there is no true that…
  5. It is not true that…
  6. It can be easily denied than…
  7. We have no reason to believe that…
  8. What is more serious is that…
  9. But it is pity that…
  10. Besides, we should not neglect that…
  11. But the problem is not so simple. Therefore…
  12. Others may find this to be true, but I believer that…
  13. Perhaps I was question why…
  14. there is a certain amount of truth in this, but we still have a problem with regard to…
  15. Though we are in basic aGREement with…,but
  16. What seems to be the trouble is…
  17. Yet differences will be found, that’s why I feel that…
  18. It would be reasonable to take the view that …, but it would be foolish to claim that…
  19. there is in fact no reason for us so believe that…
  20. What these people fail to consider is that…
  21. It is one thing to insist that… , it is quite another to show that …
  22. Wonderful as A is , however, it has its own disadvantages too.
  23. the advantages of B are much GREater than A.
  24. A’s advantage sounds ridiculous when B’s advantages are taken into consideration.
  1. It has increased by three times as compared with that of 1998.
  2. there is an increase of 20n total this year.
  3. It has been increased by a factor of 4since 1995.
  4. It would be expected to increase 5 times.
  5. the table shows a three times increase over that of last year.
  6. It was decreased twice than that of the year 1996.
  7. the total number was lowered by 10  8. It rose from 10-15 percent of the total this year.
  9. Compared with 1997, it fell from 15 to 10 percent.
  10. the number is 5 times as much as that of 1995.
  11. It has decreased almost two and half times, compared with…
  1.Everybody knows that…
  2.It can be easily proved that…
  3. It is true that…
  4. No one can deny that
  5. One thing which is equally important to the above mentioned is…
  6. the chief reason is that…
  7. We must recognize that…
  8. there is on doubt that…
  9. I am of the opinion that…
  10. This can be expressed as follows;
  11. To take …for an example…
  12. We have reason to believe that
  13. Now that we know that…
  14. Among the most convincing reasons given, one should be mentioned…
  15. the change in …largely results from the fact that
  16. there are several causes for this significant growth in…,first …,second …,finally…
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