Dear Mr Smith,
I was so pleased to hear from you and am writing to tell you something about my school. You are right. Quite a few changes have taken place. On one side of the road there is a new classroom building. On the other side, where the playground used to be now stands another new building-our library. In it there are all kinds of books, newspapers and magazines. The playground is now in front of the school. We have also planted a lot of trees in and around the school. I hope you come and see for yourself some
Best wishes,
My name is Li Hua. I was born in Dalian, Liaoning province in February 1977. I started school in 1984 when I was seven. I studied in Guangming Primary School from 1984 to 1990. After that I went to No.62 Middle School of Dalian and graduated this summer. The main subjects I studied at school included Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry and computer. I like English and computer best and I am very good at them. Last year I won first prize in the school computer competition. In my spare time I enjoy listening to popular music and collecting stamps. My favorite sports are swimming in summer and skating in winter.
Freedom for many children is the coming day when they could improve myself in their own way to use my 24 hours. They can study language by watching film instead of working on boring grammar and multiple choices.
Freedom is as simple as my playing piano all night without worrying about disturbing my 14-year-old neighbour who has to go to school the next day for my house is specially made.
It also could be freedom in my dream that one day, political democracy becomes true. Freedom in my life is the name of all kindness and happiness.
People have common desire under the sun. For mankind, freedom commonly means respect, love, blessing and dignity. For some people, freedom is that some day, he can give up his own interests to guarantee others’ rights. It is no wonder that so many people fought for freedom even didn’t hesitate to give up their lives when necessary .
I would like to be a freedom fighter for human rights some day in future.
The world is not only hungry, it is also thirsty. This may sound strange, since nearly seventy percent of the earths surface is covered with water. But about ninety percent of this is sea water. Man and most of the animals can only drink and use the remaining percent of water——fresh water.
The need for water is increasing day by day. Only steps are taken to deal with this problem immediately can we avoid a severe world wide water shortage later on. One of the first steps is to develop ways to reuse it.
Experiments have already keen carried out in this field. The used witer has been pumped to a water purifying plant. There, it can be separated from waste matter and treated with chemicals so that it can be used again, just as if it were fresh water from a spring.
3.采取措施,提供人们锻炼的场地和器材(facilities );
4.字数:120 — 140. 报道的开头已给出,不计入总词数。
Recently, we have made a survey of the people on physical training. Only 35 percent of the people surveyed have taken part in physical activities.
Over half of the people say they haven’t got enough time to take exercises. 34.9 percent of them complain they don’t have places where they can relax themselves and that there are not enough training facilities, while another 12.9 percent of the people feel that they live too far away from the training centers. Some of them even don’t know how to train.
For lack of physical training, many people are not in good health. People should realize the importance of it, and measures should be taken to provide people with training facilities.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation(1)
The summer vacation had come round again. I was happy that I could forget about school at least for a while. Lest I fool around all through this summer vacation, I made a plan as to how to spend it. First, I thought I should go over all those things my teachers taught in the previous term so that I could have a better understanding of them. Then I thought I should take up some forms of exercise, such as walking, running and rowing, to keep me physically strong. It stood to reason that with such a good plan I should make the best of my vacation time. I did, because I lived up to what I had planned.


——如何选择朋友 how to choose Friends
As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friends play a very essential role in our daily life. However, how to make goods friends is a problem for most of us. As for me, I have three principles to choose friends.
In the first place, good friends should have their own principles. We should take into account the fact that people who insist on their principles have high quality. Therefore, it is worth making friends with them.
Then, I want to point out that good friends should be full of trust. This kind of person has a pure heart, so we can communicate with each other by heart.
Finally, active friends are just like beautiful sunshine. They can light up our blue mood, drive away the dark clouds and give us courage.
Friends who have above three characteristics will be great wealth for us.
——关于环保的演讲 The Speech About Environmental Protection
Ladies and gentlemen,
I feel it a great honor to have a chance to give a speech here, talking about the haze weather, which causes lots of bad effects on our health and life. We breathe polluted air, making us suffer from lung and liver diseases. Besides, because of it, the flights have to be canceled. All kind of transports may run into each other, resulting in much damages and lots of injuries.
As far as I am concerned, it is high time that we did something. As individuals, we should ride the underground or buses instead of cars to reduce carbon dioxide. As government, more measures should be taken by carrying out the related law on pollution.
In summary, we’re all looking forward to breathe fresher air and live a happier life. Everyone should be a part of this job.
Thank you for your listening.
——自信的重要性 The Importance of Self-confidence
Currently, self-confidence has become the order of our life, which improves the theory that nothing is more valuable than self-confidence.
It is obvious that self-confidence means trust in one’s ability. If we are full of self-confidence, we’ll have creative power to live and work, helping us success or dreams come true. On the contrary, if we have no confidence in ourselves, there will be little possibilities for us to win. We’ll always face failure.
What’s more, no one can deny another fact that self-confidence gives us light when we walk in the dark and courage when we face stumbling blocks. With self-confidence, we can achieve goals in our life.
——学习历史的重要性 The Importance of Learning History
学习历史的重要性 The Importance of Learning History
作者:adreep 来源:互联网 时间:2013-06-28
Any subject of study needs justification: its advocates must explain why it is worth attention. Most popular subjects like technology and economics attract lots of people, simply because they make it much easier for students to land a job while majors like history are not that lucky in job hunting. However, learning history is indeed beneficial for everyone.
To start with, learning history is also very practical,simply because history reflects itself. If you encounter problems in reality, you can probably look for solutions from history. Moreover, learning history can get us acquainted with all kinds of heroes and heroines, teaching us to be brave and persevere. Last but not the least, reading classical works of history is conductive to our acquisition of the Chinese language.
——微笑的力量 The Power of Smile
微笑的力量 The Power of Smile
作者:adreep 来源:互联网 时间:2013-06-24
As time goes by, people are being busier and busier with working, such as signing their contracts, meeting their customers, drawing up the balance sheets of their companies and so on. In this circumstance, people forget our most excellent skill–smile.
There are a great many kinds of power of smile. First of all, common touch can be showed by a kind smile. Imagine that you go to a company to attend an audition. With a confident smile, you are more likely to answer the question better. Furthermore, smile can eliminate angry. As a philosopher said, smile before you begin to get angry. The last but not the least, it reflects calm of a person when he is in danger or in trouble.
The beneficial aspects cannot be stated completely in this passage. But you can understand its power when you smile.
——我的宠物狗 My House Dog
I’m a dog lover, because dogs are tame, friendly and easy to communicate with. I have kept one in my house, whose name is Chocolate. She is covered with brown curly hair and looks like a Teddy Bear. Now we have been living together for two years, so I’m very familiar with her characteristics. When she is hungry, she often barks loudly. At that time, I begin to realize that it’s time to feed her. She is keen on beef and fish. Sometimes, she also eats some rice.
Every day when I come home, she always jumps up to me happily, with her tail moving. She seems to be my best friend. As time goes by, the relationship between us becomes closer and closer. Therefore, I think her as an important member in my family. I really have the pleasure of her company.
——感谢父母的爱 Be Grateful to Our Parents
Last week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart. Through it I know that we should live with a thankful heart. At that time, I think of my parents. I think they are the first people I should thank. It’s them who give me life. It’s them who give me home. It’s them who bring me up. It’s them who look after me. It’s them who teach me knowledge and live happily. I should thank my parents giving me so much. Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give me. But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up.
——关于生活 About Life
Do you think what is the most important in your life Maybe some answers are dreams. I may directly answer “lovers”.
In my opinion, lovers not simply mean your partner of life, but the people you love: your parents, husband or wife, children and friends. I have a happy life because of their company. I even can’t imagine the life without them.
My mum told me” money is not as important as you think, you neednt think too highly of it. Don’t be greedy, my girl.” I got it. Person around us is the most important. If they are unhappy, you won’t be happy. There is many beautiful scenery in our life, however, the most important thing we should notice is that, without the people we love, they worth nothing.
In reality, many people are chasing wealth which results to the ignorance of people around them. Obviously, its not a brilliant choice. Don’t’ be controlled by wealth or money. About life , this is my idea, what’s about yours
——我的生活态度 My Attitude towards Life
Life is an endless voyage, as theres no destination in our life. Life is also very fickle, since anything may happen in our life. We may be successful or defeated at any time.
Sometimes, I have the feeling that I was successful, but that happiest time has already passed away. Sometimes, I feel as if I went to the end of my life, but after a long tour, I find I have a long way to go. I always miss myself in this endless road and I feel very lonely. But in this loneliness, theres nothing to fear. So I have learned to grow up. I have learned to hold back my tears. I have learned to smile to others.
Im not defeated. However hard the situation is, I will never give up! However hard the situation is, I will never say I cant! However hard the situation is, I will never stop running! Never!

None of us can have an approach to perfection, but trying our best to do everyting in the dailylife is essential. At least I think so.If I were a kid again, I would school myself into a habit of study.If I were a kid again, I would stand on my own feet more and never surrender whatever that means.If I were a kid again, I would be more positive, and make a better future with both my hands.My life will be more valuable,maybe.


Habits, whether good or bad, are gradually formed. When a person doesa certain thing again and again, hell be obliged to do it in the same way by some unseen force. Thus habit is formed. Once a habit is formed, it is difficult and sometimes almost impossible to get rid of it. It is.therefore very important that we should take care in the formation of habits.
Good habits have many advantages. Going to bed early and getting up early makes us healthy. Diligence helps to succeed. Honesty helps:: win the respeet and trust of others.
If we form bad habits, such as rudeness, laziness, lying and stealing, we might be mined by them.
We ought to keep away from bad habits and try to acquire habits good for ourselves and others.

Recent efforts toward the greening of our cities have achieved much, although the results are still far from satisfactory.
Sometimes there are so many things for you to deal with and you feel it is beyond your capacity to fulfill all these tasks. When work has accumulated to that point, you can take certain steps to help yourself out.
Firstly, list all the jobs that must be done and decide which one requires immediate attention. Secondly,ide the work into separate parts so it will be easier for you to see whether each part is being accomplished as desired. Working in this way you will avoid a feeling of depression as you see concrete achievements. Finally, assign each task a certain amount of time, so that the task will be carried out systematically.
If you are realistic and allow yourself a little extra time for each task, you will find that all the work will be done according to the time as assigned and a sense of accomplishment will replace the anxiety you felt at first。


its the _that……(强调句)

its high time that sb did sth现在正是……是时候

there is no doubt that……毫无疑问

its quite obvious that……很显然

it beyond me 我很费解

there is no denying that不可否认

what really matters is that真正的问题在于……

i wonder if+句子

形容词+as sb is+句子(让步状语从句)

另外,可以多使用宾语从句定语从句表语从句状语从句,尽量不要使用简单句多用复合句,句子与句子之间多用连词或词组,比如on the contrary,in general,whats more,ironically,on one hand-on the other hand……之类的



Hello, Kate! I am glad to hear that you are coming to China soon. It is five years since I came to China. Great changes have taken place in China in the past five years. Science and technology have advanced a lot. and businesses here are extending all around the world. The public places are equipped with the hi-tech equipment .All these have a strong effect on the whole world. When you come ,I will take you to visit some places of interest .such as the Great Wall, summer palace and some beautiful places.I will also take you to enjoy the culture of China .I think China is a beautiful country with a long history and it is worth a visit .共123个词。


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