Sports in Our School
Everyone in our college goes in for sports. Every morning after we get up we do morning exercises and we do exercises again during the long break. We only have one P.E. class a week, but we do physical training every afternoon. The most popular sport seems to be basketball. Another popular game is football. The girls like playing badminton. And volleyball is also liked by many of us when the weather is warm.
Besides ball games, many of us are keen on track and field events. Every term we hold a sports meet.
We have school teams of basketball, volleyball and football. We often have friendly matches with teams from other schools. Whenever there is an important match at the Nangchang Stadium, you ’ re sure to find many of our schoolmates and teachers among the spectators. In short, we all love sports, and we train regularly to keep fit for work, study, and the defence of our country。

(1)Today is Sunday,September 20th.Its a sunny day.
When I was on the way to the park,
I realized that an old man coming to me,suddenly a blue car rushed,
it hit the old man,but the driver drove away hurriedly.
The man lied on the road hardly.
I wrote the number of the car :AD587,
then I called the police.
Finally,with the help of the policeman,
we sent the old man to the hospital. 答案补充 (3)January 12 th,2005
Dear Mike: ,
Thanks for your letter, Now I’d like to tell you something about myself.
My name is Anna. I’m thirteen. I study at No. 3 Middle School. I’m in Class Four Grade Seven. My favorite subject is English and I also like math. I think they are very important and useful. I like playing the violin. I like an action movie. Because it is exciting. What about you Do you like an action movie
Please write to tell me soon. 答案补充 (2)My Happy Times During Winter Vacation
I often go to see my grandma and grandpa during winter vacation. I am used to getting up early in the morning and breathing the fresh air in the countryside. After snow, When night comes, I am used to sitting by the fire and listening to grandma telling me many funny stories. And I tell her some new things happening in the city. When I have to go back, I am always reluctant to go. I really feel happy living in the country. 答案补充 (4)My bedroom is not very big, but it is very comfortable to live in.Now let me introduce my bedroom to you. Open the door,you will find some pictures on the wall.Opposite the door,there is a big bed,moreover there is a basketball and a football under the bed.My desk is between the bed and the window.My best "teacher and friend"-computer, is on the desk. 答案补充 (5)My name is Tony.There are five people in my family. My father is a driver. My mother is a nurse. I have a sister and a brother. My grandfaher and grandmother live abroad. 答案补充 (6)My names Jim.I come from England.My parents and I are in Beijing.I learn about Chinese history in Beijing,and they are work in Beijing,too.I have mang friends.I usually eat food with them.Chinese food is good,and there are mang kinds of food.I like them very much. 答案补充 (7)I think it is not all bad for millde school student to search the Internet.Some students play games on line.And it will make them lose the interests of learning.But also it is very nessary for us to search the Internet.In the modern world,using computer and the Internet is an important skill.We can use it to find some information that we need and communicate with our friends,teachers and parents.Sending e-mail and check out some international news are useful for us as well. 答案补充 (8)Dear Bill,
I am veary happy you will come to Beijing .I know you can not speak Chinese .Let me tell you about how do you study Chinese! Fist you can go to Chinese classes and you can make friends in Chinese classes next you must listen tothe radio,and search dictionary .It is veary useful . You can read Chinese stories .Sometimes you can talk with your classmater .There are some difficult question .So you must ask a teacher for help you Chinese.
Your friends 答案补充 (9)Philps in Beijing Olympic Games has realized " the dream in 2008 eight ", altogether wins 8 gold medals, becomes the historical first person. He is a humanitys miracle simply. The good looks and graceful manners modelling and the astonishing physical strength caused him to win the superelevation human spirit! 答案补充 (10)My Family
There are 3 persons in my family,my father ,mother and I.My father is a teacher and my mother is a worker.They work hard and take good care of me.Every night,we have dinner together,then watch TV.Sometimes,we go shopping outside.
We love each other and I believe I have a happy family. 答案补充 10篇了哦

1. like english class very much, because i can see my dear teacher—–miss liao. miss liao is very beautiful. she has two big eyes , a small mouth .she is a good teacher. she is very clever .she play games with us in the class and we learn english happier and faster. 2. spring festival is coming .i feel really exciting ,because i can wear new clothes,eat delicious food,recieve red packets and so on.spring festival is also called chinese festival,it's one of the traditional festivals in china.people will come back in spring festival 。now,i think,my belongings will come back .how great!! 3. it's clear to see, nowadays,lots of birds are in danger. birds are human's good friends; they can protect trees form pest. if we don't realize how important it is, our environment will be very bad. that the reaon why birds must be protected. in spite of this, many people still kill birds for fun. we have to stop it. i believe, when people stop doing this, and begin to protect birds and their trees, human will also have a better life. 4. write at least 60 about the topic "good manners" according to the situation given below: situation: chairman hu put forward eight items that we should take as great honor but still eight iteams that wo shouldn't do. give your opinion about briefly 5. like english class very much, because i can see my dear teacher—–miss liao. miss liao is very beautiful. she has two big eyes , a small mouth .she is a good teacher. she is very clever .she play games with us in the class and we learn english happier and faster.


1.July 5th Monday cloudy
Today I came back from a place named “he
chuan”, it’s a good place. There has some nice view like chang jiang river. I
came there in two days ago. Our aunt is here. We had a good time in there. But
I also write English dairy too. Because of the wrong computer, the message
didn’t here. I wish myself to live more better tomorrow.
2.July 6th Tuesday cloudy
Ah ha, when I get up, it was time for
lunch. But I really have a lot of work to do, I must write words English dairy,
then learned “Li yang” English, then …… .Oh, my god, if I do it in the
afternoon, I will ready to dead. So I wrote words, now I’m writing my English
dairy. Wish I could finish these works today. Bye!
3.July 9th Friday sunny
How happy I am. Yesterday I finished all
the work very quick, so I have a lot of time to do myself. Sometimes finish
work early is a good thing, we can have more interests to do the next work.
Because of this, I write English dairy eight in the morning. But I wrote it in
the evening in the pass day. Everyone, if you can finish the work quickly, not
lazy, try your best.
7月9日 星期五 阳光
4.July 12th Monday sunny
How tired am I! I went back from chongqing
three hours ago. In the city I nearly lost the way. Thanks for the hot heart
man woman. They help us to find the way. Oh, don’t think so badly, I’m fine.
Because of my hard, my homepage is more beautiful than before, I’m very happy
to see it. I love make homepage, if you love it, please let me know, we can
take hours talking about homepage. Thank you.
7月12日 星期一 阳光
5.July 14th Wednesday rainy
Yesterday I came to the center of Chongqing
with my mother. We came to a place named “toward the air door”. I think many
people know it. The night view is so beautiful that we all don’t want to back
to home. I have a photo here. In the nine, we had to go back home. I didn’t
wash my face before I went to bed, I’m too tired.
7月1日 星期三 下雨
6.July 16th Friday rainy
This holiday is my best busy holiday for I
am learning English, computer word I fall in the weekend exam. Many times I
want to take today off, my mother said to me:“go on, you must belive that you
can do it.” So I have to try. Now my English is better than 2months ago. I must
thanks my mother, she is good for me. Practices makes perfect.
7月16日 星期五 阴雨
7.July 21th Wednesday rainy
Good morning everyone, I have some good
news some bad news. The good news is that I have a home page: how happy am I.
The bad news is the computer game cd-rom is wrong. I can’t play computer game
these days. It’s the worse for me. Welcome to my homepage I wish whom could
give me a right cd-rom(you are in sleep).hen hen……
7月21日 星期三 下雨
8.July 22th Thursday sunny
Today I came to the city of Bishan,its a
beautiful city.Its the shoes centre of western china. I think many people know
it. It developed very quickly these years.More more people move in it. Im
pleased to be a Bishan people.
7月22日 星期四 阳光
9.July 26th Monday sunny
Hello, everyone! I’m so pleased to tell
you: I have finished my web today.. It took me more than two days to do. I have
a English pen friend now. I want to get pen friend more. So welcome write to
me. My E-mail is:[email protected] I’m so tired when I wrote this message, I must go to
bed quickly.Good bye.
7月26日 星期一 阳光
嗨,大家好!我很高兴地告诉大家:我今天已经完成了我的网站. .我花了两天时间。我现在有一个英语笔友了。我想要得到更多的笔友。所以欢迎写信给我。我的电子邮箱是:8
[email protected],我必须很快上床睡觉。再见。
10.July 28th Wednesday rainy
I will go to school few days later. I’m
afraid that I can’t get used to the school life because I true very hate
school. I don’t think there has a good school in my home. We have English
teachers from USA we have good computer ..May be many students can’t agree with
me. But they will agree if they can see a really good school. do you agree with
7月28号 星期三 下雨
11.July 31th Saturday rainy
Every day or every time many people was
failed in something. They usually said that it was bad lucky. But the teacher
of “Liyang” said:” you should do a little more then you will won.” Remember
this word. Then don’t be shy,try. If some laugh at you, you can say go
yourself. If you can do it, that means you are a strong man.
7月31号 星期六 下雨
12.August 1st Sunday sunny
Today I’m very tried for I made my homepage
from 10:00 yesterday to 5:00 today. Seven hours nearly let me dead. But I’m
pleased to see my homepage has been changed more more beautiful full with web.
So I will keep doing tomorrow, I can’t do this night, I’m ready to go to bed. Goodbye,
every friend. See you tomorrow.
8月1号 星期日 晴天
13August 3ed Tuesday sunny
I want to kill my bother named kewang
because every time every day he makes me very tired. If yesterday he hut you,
tomorrow he will heart you. He is a silly man, he went to bed at 9:00,then he
woke up at 6:00 then he shouted very loudly to makes me up. But I went to bed
at 4:00 morning for my home web. I really want to kill him.
8月3号 星期2 晴天

It was the first day of our winter holiday. All of us were very happy. Why Because we have one month to do things we love to do. We


1. My Friend(我的朋友)
I have a good friend. Her name is May. She is 12 years old. Her telephonenumber is 87634966 Her birthday is March 5th. She is good at English andChinese. She often plays the piano. She likes reading books and listening tothe music. Her hobbies are reading and listening to music. She is a nice girl.We often help each other. We
are good friends.
2. 假设你是李枚,下面的照片是你的全家福,请你写一篇文章介绍你的家庭。Hello, everyone! Im Li Mei. Look! This is myfamily photo. This is my grandmother. She is 58. This is my father. He is ateacher. He is 36. and my mother is 36, too. Who’s that boy Oh, heis my brother. He is 13 and I am 12. My brother and I are students.
3. 假设这是TOM的房间,请你用80词左右介绍他的房间。
Look! This is Tom’s room. His photos are on the wall. His T-shirt is on thebed. His baseball bat is behind the dresser. The keys are in the drawer. Thecomputer is on the desk. Where is Tom’s baseball Oh, It’s under the bed. Whatis on the floor They are Tom’s shoes, socks and computer games. What do youthink of Tom’s room
4. 介绍你的一日三餐。
Hello, everyone! I don’t like sports, but Ilike eating very much. I eat a lot food every day. For breakfast, I like milk,eggs and bread a lot . For lunch, I likeFrench fries, chicken, hamburgers and apples. For dinner, I like fruits,vegetables and rice.
5. 以My Favorite…为题,写一篇短文
My favorite subject is English. I like itbecause it is interesting. I have English every day. I can speak a littleEnglish. I join the school English club. Every afternoon I go there to talk inEnglish. I can see the English movies and read English books. I think it isuseful for me. I want to learn it well. I like English very much.
6. My English Teacher(我的英语老师)
Miss Wang is my English teacher. She looksvery young. Shes about thirty years old, and she wears glasses. Shes funny .But she is strict with us. She wants us to study hard, Her lessons areinteresting. We are very happy in her class and we all like her lessons. She isa good teacher, and we all like her.
7. 自我介绍
My name is Wang Ming. My birthday is June 5th.I am Chinese. I am a student. I study very hard. My favorite subject isEnglish. I like it because it is interesting. I can play the piano and thetrumpet, but not very well. I love swimming and I am good at it. Of all kindsof movies, I like comedies best. I think theyre interesting. I’m one of thebest students in my class. My teachers all say I am a good student. They alllike me and I like them, too.
8.How did I spend my winter vacation
I really had a busy and happy winter holiday. I did my homework and helped my parents with the housework every day. I like drawing so much that I spent lots of time drawing pictures and read books about drawing every day. I sometimes went to the library to read books and surfed the internet.During the Spring Festival, i visited my grandparents, friends and relatives. We really had a great time together. I prepared for the new lessons and read English,too. I really enjoyed my winter holiday
9.My opinion on Internet
Hello, everyone! As you know, many students like to work on the Internet. Of course, it can bring us many good things. We can learn more knowledge outside our books, practice our spoken English with someone else and look up some useful information.
At the same time, it can bring us some bad things as well. Some students have made too many friends, seen some bad information that is not good for us and spent too much time on it. We should know what to do and what not to do.
That’s my idea. Thank you for listening!
10.How to make friends
It’s hard to make friends if you stay alone all the time. It’s easier to make friends when you have similar interests.
Don’t be afraid to show people what you are really good at. Talk about the things you like and do best.
Look at people in the eyes when you talk to them.
Be a good listener. Let people talk about themselves before talking about yourself.
Be friendly to a lot of people. Try to help your friends when they are in trouble because a friend in need is a friend indeed. That way you’ll have a bigger group to choose from and have more chances to make friends.
11. My view on television
Television has come into our life for many years.
We can’t live happily without television. It can give us the latest information and news. It can open up our eyes and enlarge our knowledge. We can get happiness from the plays on television. We’ll be boring all day if there is no television. Television programs are attractive. After a whole day’s hard work we can sit before the television and drink a cup of tea. How wonderful it is!
Television is also bad for people’s health. It’s bad for you to watch TV too long, especially bad for your eyes.
It is true that watching TV can influence our behavior. However, it depends on what we do
12.Generation gap between parents and children
Nowadays , there are more and more misunderstanding between parents and children which is so- called generation gap . It is estimated that (75 percentages of parents often complain their children’s unreasonable behavior while children usually think their parents too old fashioned).
Why have there been so much misunderstanding between parents and children Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows . The first one is that ( the two generations, having grown up at different times, have different likes and dislikes ,thus the disagreement often rises between them) . Besides(due to having little in common to talk about , they are not willing to sit face to face ) . The third reason is (with the pace of modern life becoming faster and faster , both of them are so busy with their work or study that they don’t spare enough time to exchange ideas ).To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( lake of communication and understanding each other) .
It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing (children should respect their parents ).On the other hand ,( parents also should show solicitue for their children). All these measures will certainly bridge the generation gap .
13.My Little "Pen Pal"
I met a girl called Sue on the Intemet. We are of the same age. And we talked happily with each other. So we decided to write to each other daily, of course through e-mail. We can write down what we feel and what we think and then forward to each other. We also try to write in English. She once lived in the United States with her parents, so she can speak native English. In this way, we are getting closer and closer. And furthermore both of our English has improved quickly and greatly. How nice it is to have a "pen pal"

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