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I had an experience with a stranger recently that really touched me.

Before I go too far let me just say, I’m a lover of love. I believe that all good things stem from love and I also believe that we are called to love one another each and every day. As I navigate life, I try really hard to show others love by helping, engaging, or simply looking someone in the eye and smiling. It doesn’t take much to love.https://www.ienglishcn.com/
在我走得太远之前,我只想说,我是爱的恋人。 我相信所有美好的事物都源于爱,我也相信我们被称为每天彼此相爱。 在生活中,我会尽力通过帮助,参与或只是看着别人并微笑着来表达他人的爱。 爱并不需要太多。

And recently that love was returned to me in a simple, but grand way.

As you may know, I lost my mom last month and it’s been really tough. You don’t expect to lose a parent until it’s their time or until you’ve at least given them a grandchild. Needless to say, February was not my favorite month.
如您所知,我上个月失去了妈妈,这真的很艰难。 您不会期望失去父母,直到他们有时间或至少给他们一个孙子为止。 不用说,2月不是我最喜欢的月份。

I flew to my hometown to pay my respects and say my goodbyes. After spending a few days with my family making arrangements and taking care of a few things, it was time to head back. I boarded the plane to find a young man sitting in my seat. Usually it’s not a big deal to me, but I really wanted that window seat so I could just pop in my headphones and sleep.
我飞往家乡表达敬意并道别。 在与家人待了几天并安排了一些事情之后,该该回头了。 我登上飞机,发现一个年轻人坐在我的座位上。 通常对我来说这没什么大不了的,但是我真的很想要靠窗的座位,这样我就可以戴耳机入睡了。

He obliged graciously when I asked him to move, all the while I was apologizing profusely.

After the doors were closed and we began to taxi to the runway, the emotions began to hit. Something about leaving the place I grew up and knowing that my mom was no longer there just crushed me. As I watched the ground grown more and more distant out the window, my vision became blurry as my eyes filled with tears.
门关上后,我们开始滑行到跑道,情绪开始震撼。 关于离开我长大的地方的一些事情,并且知道我的母亲不再在那里只是让我迷恋。 当我看着窗外的地面越来越远时,我的视线变得模糊,因为我的眼睛充满了眼泪。

As I wiped them away, I felt a tap on my elbow.

That same young man was checking on me. He asked me if I was OK and I uttered something along the lines of having to say goodbye to someone who I really loved. Without hesitating, he said he was there if I needed to talk. After all, we had a three hour flight sitting in the same row.
那个年轻人正在看着我。 他问我是否还可以,我只好向我真正爱的人说再见。 他毫不犹豫地说,如果我需要讲话的话,他在那里。 毕竟,我们在同一排坐了三个小时的飞机。

I assured him that I wasn’t ready to talk, but that his words had made me feel better. And they did. Honestly, I felt seen. I felt like I wasn’t alone on that plane traveling hundreds of miles across the country. Although I never took him up on his offer, I was touched that a stranger knew that I may need someone in that moment. I mean, how often do people on planes do everything they can not to talk to someone? And here this guy was willing to give me all of his time.
我向他保证我还没准备好说话,但是他的话让我感觉更好。 他们做到了。 老实说,我感到被看见了。 我觉得我并不孤单,乘坐那架穿越全国数百英里的飞机。 尽管我从未接受过他的提议,但令我感动的是,一个陌生人知道那一刻我可能需要某人。 我的意思是,乘飞机的人多久会做一些他们无法与某人交谈的事情? 在这里,这个家伙愿意给我所有的时间。

It’s the small things, I tell you.

Not to get all preachy on you, but we need to get back to being humans. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel like they are on this earth for a reason, that they matter. That moment last month has made me actively seek ways to serve and help others. They may not be big things, but they may be big to that person.https://www.ienglishcn.com/
并不是要全力以赴,但我们需要回到成为人类。 使某人感到重要的原因并不需要太多。 上个月的那一刻使我积极寻求服务和帮助他人的方法。 他们可能不是什么大事,但对那个人来说却可能很大。

Oh, and don’t worry I was able to pay him back by offering him my pretzels. He had asked the flight attendant for more, but they were out. I gotta say, I was really thankful I got to at least do that for him.
哦,别担心,我可以通过给他我的椒盐脆饼来还他。 他向空姐要了更多的东西,但他们缺席了。 我得说,我真的很感激我至少要为他做到这一点。


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