2013 年 6 月大学英语六级考试真题(二)答案与详解

Part Ⅰ Writing
Good Habits Result from Resisting Temptation
As is known to all, good habits help us pave the way to success. However, lack of social experience and
determined will, youngsters often fall into the traps of temptations such as computer games, smoking and so on. So
it is high time that youngsters refused temptations and formed good habits.
Good habits result from refusing temptation and contribute to the growth of youngsters in various ways.
Firstly, if youngsters stop such time-and healthconsuming activities as playing computer games and spend the time
reading several pages of books every day instead, a good habit of reading will be formed and their academic
performance will be greatly improved. Secondly, refusing junk food by eating healthily and regularly, youngsters
need not be concerned about their health and body shape. Thirdly, youngsters seem always to be tempted by those
who pretend to be “cool” by smoking or drinking. Distancing themselves from these people and making friends
with better ones, youngsters themselves will be really cool.
Rome was not built in one day. Therefore, determined will and a wise mind should be gradually cultivated
so that youngsters can resist various bad temptations and form good habits. Only in this way can they grow
happily and achieve success.
PartⅡ Listening Comprehension
1.听力原文:W: What’s wrong with your phone.Gary? I tried to call you all nigh t yesterday.
M: I’m sorry. No one was able to get through yesterday. My telephone was disconnected by the phone company.
Q: What does the woman ask the man about?
【预测】选项均以 why 开头,表明问题是关于某事的原因;其中的 his phone… disconnected,she , not get
through to him 和 refused to answer her call 表明,对话可能与女士没能打电话联系上男士有关。
【精析】B)。女士问男士的电话出了什么少问题(What’s wrong with your phone),并说她整晚都在给男士
打电话(tried to call you),由 A 可知女士是问为什么整晚都打不通男士的电话,故答案为 B 项。本题容易2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
误选 A 项, disconnected 在此不表示电话不通,而是表示 “切断电话”,是男士所说的电话不通的原因。
2. 听力原文:W: I finally found a really nice apartment that’s within my price range.
M: Congratulations! Affordable housing is rare in this city. I’ve been looking for a suitable place since I got
here six months ago.
Q: What does the man mean?
【预测】选项中 houses, price range, home, affordable housing 和 apartment 表明,对话与买房有关,可能涉及
房子的价格是否负担得起。D 项是说租房,其他三项都是说买房,故 D 项为答案的可能性较小。
【精析】C)。男士说能买得起的房子太少(Affordable housing is rare),他一直在找合适的房子 (have been
looking for ) , rare 和 have been looking for 都说明,男士是想说找到合适的房子很难,故答案为 C 项。
3.听力原文:M: I got this in my mailbox today, but I don’t know what it is. Do you have any idea?
W: Oh, that’s your number for the new photocopier. It requires an access code. Everyone got one.
Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
【预测】选项中关键词 mail, copy machine 和 number 提示,对话可能涉及邮件、复印机和号码。
访问代码(number for the new photocopier, access code),由此可知新的复印机运行需要一个代码,故答案
为 D 项。
4.听力原文:W: Jane told me that you’ll be leaving us soon. Is it true?
M: Yeah, my wife’s maternity leave is close to an end. And since she wants to go back to work, I’ve decided to
take a year off to raise the baby.
Q: What does the man mean?
【预测】选项主语 he 以及 stop work …the baby, find a job near his home 和 wife… birth… baby 表明,对话
【精析】A)。男士说他的妻子休完产假(maternity leave)后想回去工作,所以他决定休息一年来照顾孩子
(take a year off to raise the baby), A 项是对此的同义转述,故为答案。
5.听力原文:M: We’ll never find a parking space here. What about dropping you at the south gate and I’ll find
parking somewhere else?
W: Well, OK. It looks like everyone in town came to the mall today.
Q: What does the woman mean?
【预测】选项中的 shopping centre,mall 提示,对话与逛商场有关;flooded with people 和 Parking… nightmare
提示,对话中可能涉及人多和停车困难。而 D 项 She will wait for the man…提示,问题应该是针对女士提问,
【精析】A)。女士话中的 It looks like everyone in town came to the mall today 表明,今天商场里人很多,故
答案为 A 项。shopping centre 对应 mall,均表示商场。本题如听不清问题所指,则很容易误选 C 项,因为
由男士的话可知,parking 十分困难。
6.听力原文:W: When will the computers be back online?
M: Probably not until tomorrow. The problem is more complicated than I thought.
Q: What does the man mean?
【预测】选项主语 he 以及 repair the computers,reconnect the computers to the Net 和 complicated problems 表
明,对话可能与男士修理电脑有关。D 项说明天网上会有好东西,与其他三项内容关联性较小,故为答案
【精析】B)。女士问电脑什么时候可以再连上网 (back online ),男士说可能要等到明天,因为问题比他想
象的要复杂(more complicated ),也就是说使电脑重新连上网需要花费更长的时间,答案为 B 项。
7.听力原文:M: Did you catch Professor Smith on TV last night?
W: I almost missed it. but my mother just happened to be watching at home and gave me a call.2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
Q: What does the woman imply?
【预测】选项中重复出现的 Prof. Smith,on TV 表明,对话可能与史密斯教授上电视有关。She forgot/ did see
提示,问题应该是针对女士提问的,而 her mother 提示,对话中还可能涉及女士的妈妈。
【精析】D)。男士问女士昨晚在电视上看到史密斯教授了没有,女士说 I almost missed it,but… (我差点没
看到,不过……),其实听到这里就可以推知,女士是看到了,而由 but 后面的内容可知,是她妈妈提醒她
看的,故答案为 D 项。almost missed 表达的其实是否定含义,即“没错过”。另外,要注意理解 but 的转
8.听力原文:M: May I get this prescription refilled?
W: I’m sorry, sir, but we can’t give you a refill on that. You’ll have to get a new prescription.
Q: What can we infer from the conversation?
【预测】选项中的 the man 以及 prescribed medicine, doctor 和 prescription 表明,对话与男士抓处方药有关。
【精析】C)。男士想要按处方再次抓药(prescription refilled),女士说不行,他得再去找医生开张新处方(get
a new prescription),由此可推知,男士得再去找一次自己的医生,故答案为 C 项。
M: So, what’s the next thing on the agenda, Mary?
W: Well, it’s the South Theatre Company. [9] They want to know if we’d be interested in sponsoring a tour they
want to make to East Asia.
M: East Asia? Uh… and how much are they hoping to get from us?
W: Well, the letter mentions 20,000 pounds, but I don’t know if they might settle for less.
M: Do they say what they would cover? Have they anything specific in mind?
W: No, I think they are just asking all the firms in town for as much money as they think they’ll give.’
M: And we are worth 20, 000 pounds, right?
W: It seems so.
M: Very flattering. But I’m not awfully happy with the idea. [10】What do we get out of it?
W: Oh, [10] good publicity. I suppose. So what I suggest is not that we just give them a sum of money, but that we
offer to pay for something specific like travel or something, and that in return, we ask for our name to be
printed prominently in the programme, and that they’d give us free advertising space in it.
M: But the travel bill would be enormous, and we could never manage that.
W: I know. [11] But why don’t we offer to pay for the printing of the programme ourselves, on condition that on
the front cover there’s something like “This programme is presented with the compliments of Norland
Electronics,”and free advertising of course.
M: Good idea. Well, let’s get back to them and ask what the programme they want will cost. Then we can see if
we are interested or not.
Questions 9 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
9. What do we learn about the South Theatre Company?
10. What benefit does the woman say their firm can get by sponsoring the Theatre Company?
11. What does the woman suggest they do instead of paying the South Theatre Company’s travel expenses?
9. 【预测】选项均为 It is doing sth 结构,故问题可能与 It 正在做的事情有关。planning to tour 和 giving
performances 提示,it 可能是一个演出公司或团体。
10.【预测】选项均为名词性短语,good publicity,in vestments 和 decrease… costs 均为对公司有利的方面,
11. 【预测】选项中的 promise, pay,bear the cost 以及 the Company 提示,本题可能与对某公司的承诺有关,
9. B)。对话开头女士就说,南方剧场公司想知道他们是否有兴趣赞助该公司的东亚 (a tour they want to
make to East Asia), 由此可知,南方剧场公司正在计划东亚巡演,故答案为 B 项。2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
10. A)。男士问女士他们能从赞助中获得什么好处(What do we get out of it?) ,女士回答说 good publicity
“好的宣传”,故答案为 A 项。
11. C)。男士说差旅费用太多(the travel bill… enormous),于是女士建议他们支付印刷费用(why don’t we
offer to pay for the printing of the programmes),由此可知答案为 C 项。Why don’t…为表达建议的典型句式。
Conversation Two
13-15 听力原文
W: [15] Rock stars now face a new hazard-voice abuse. After [12】 last week’s announcement that Phil Collins
might give up touring because live concerts are mining his voice, doctors are counseling stars about the dos
and don’ts of voice care. Here in the studio today, we have Mr. Paul Phillips, an expert from the High Field
Hospital. Paul, what advice would you give to singers facing voice problems?
M: If pop singers have got voice problems, they really need to be more selective about where they work. They
shouldn’t work in smoky atmospheres. They also need to think about resting their voices after a show.
Something else they need to be careful about is medicines. Aspirin, for example. [13] Singers should avoid
aspirin. It thins the blood. And if a singer coughs, [13】 this can result in the bruising of the vocal chords.
W: And is it true that some singers use drugs before concerts to boost their voices when they have voice problems?
M: Yes, this does happen on occasion. They are easily- available’on the continent, and they are useful if a singer
has problems with his vocal chords and has to sing that night. But if they are taken regularly, they cause a
thinning of the voice muscle. [14] Most pop singers suffer from three things: lack of training, overuse and
abuse of the voice, especially when they are young. They have difficult lives. When they go on tour, they do a
vast number of concerts, singing in smoky places.
W: So, [15] what would von advise these singers to do?
M: [15] Warm you voice up before a show and warm it down after.
Questions 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
12. What does last week’s announcement say about rock star Phil Collins?
13. What does Paul Phillips say about aspirin?
14. What does Paul Phillips say about young pop singers?
15. What are the speakers mainly talking about?
12.【预测】选项中的 train his voice 和 concert tours 表明,he 可能是个歌手;seeing doctors,abusing drugs 和
give up 提示,本题可能与他遇到的问题有关。
13.【预测】选项中的 use it to stay away from colds 提示,it 可能指代某种药物。 Singers… addicted, helps singers
和 harm to singers 表明,问题可能是关于药物对歌手的影响。
14.【预测】选项中的 eager… famous, lack…training,few… successful 和 glamorous life 表明,本题可能与 they
的状况有关,they 很可能指歌手或演艺人员。
【 解 析 】 B)。男士说,大多数流行歌手会遭遇三 个问题:lack of training, overuse and abuse of the voice,
尤其在他们年轻的时候,B 项为其中第一 项,故为答案。
12、D。女士提到,上星期有声明宣布(last week’s announcement ),菲尔•柯林斯能会放弃巡回演出(might
give up touring ),因为担心现场演唱会会损伤他的嗓子,由此可知答案为 D 项。
13、D)。男士(Paul Phillips)说,歌手们应该避免服用 aspirin,因为它会稀释血液,还可能会使声带受伤(the
bruising of the vocal chords),由此可知答案为 D 项。
14、 B)。男士说,大多数流行歌手会遭遇三个问题:lack of training, overuse and abuse of the voice,尤其在
他们年轻的时候,B 项为其中第一项,故为答案。
15、C)。对话开头女士即说摇滚明星们(rock stars)现在面临一个新的危险(hazard)滥用嗓子(voice abuse ),2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
而结尾处女士又让男士给歌手们些建议(advise the singers ),男士给出的建议也是关于如何保护声音的,
而整个对话过程中也多次提到 voice problems,vocal chords 等相关词语,由此不难确定对话主要谈论的是
“流行歌手们的嗓子问题”,故答案为 C 项。
Section B
Passage One
16-18 听力原文
Would you trust a robot to park your car? The question will confront New Yorkers in February as the city’s
first robotic parking opens in Chinatown. The technology has been successfully applied overseas, [16] but the only
other public robotic garage in the United States has been troublesome, dropping vehicles and trapping cars because
of technical problems.
Nonetheless, [17] the developers of the Chinatown garage are confident with the technology and are counting
on it to squeeze 67 cars in an apartment-building basement that would otherwise fit only 24. accomplished by
removing a maneuver space normally required.
A human-shaped robot won’t be stepping into your car to drive it.
Rather, the garage itself does the parking. The driver stops the car on a flat platform and gets out. The
platform is lowered into the garage, and it is then transported to a vacant parking space by a computer-controlled
device similar to an elevator that also runs sideways.
There is no human supervision, [18] but an attendant will be on hand to accept cash and explain the system to
new users.
[l9] Parking rates will be attractive—about $400 monthly or $25 per day, according to Ari Milstein, the
director of planning for Automation Parjcing Systems, which is the US subsidiary of a German company. This
company has built automated garages in several countries overseas and in the United States for residents of a
Washington, DC apartment building.
Questions 16 to 18 are based on the passage you have just heard.
16. What do we learn about the robotic parking in the US so far?
17. What advantage does robotic parking have according to its developers?
18. What does the attendant do in the automated garage?
19.What does the company say about the parking rates?
16、【预测】选项中的 It has not… successful,new trend, resistance,attracted 表明,本题与 It 引起的反响有
关。new trend 和 attracted… users 提示,It 很可能指代一种新技术或新产品。
17、【预测】选项中的 it saves ,increases, ensures ,reduces 表明,本题是考查 it 的好处;而结合 parking,
drivers 和 car damage 可推测,it 可能与停车有关。
18、【预测】选项中的 collect money, maintain 和 guard 表明,问题可能是关于工作人员的职责。
19、【预测】选项中的 lower than conventional parking 提示,they 可能与新的停车技术或方式有关;而
discountable,paid in cash 则表明,They 应该是指费用。听录音时留意有关费用或价格方面的描述。
garage in the United States)却麻烦不断(troublesome ),由此可知该技术在美国的应用并不太成功,故答案为
A 项。
17、B)。短文中提到,开发商们(developers) 对这项技永(即 robotic parking)很有信心,他们指望’着可以
在一个原来只能放下 24 辆车的地下车库塞进 67 辆车,由此可推知,开发商们是说机器人停车技术会大大
增加停车容量,故答案为 B 项。
18、A)。短文中提到,车库没有人员监管,但工作人员会在旁边收钱(accept cash)并向新用户解释该系统2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
(explain the system to new users ),A 项为对这两项工作的同义转述,故为答案。本题依然是在 but 转折后
19、B。短文中提到,公司的设计总监阿里•米尔斯坦说,停车费会很有吸引力(Parking rates will be attractive),
400/月,25/天,由此可知,对于常停车的客户,会有折扣,故答案为 B 项 “它们对老客户会有折扣”。
Passage Two
20-21 听力原文
A recent study shows that [20] meat consumption is one of the main ways that human can damage the
environment, second only to the use of motor vehicles. [20] So how can eating meat have a negative effect on the
For a start, all animals, such as cows, pigs and sheep, release gas named methane, which is the second most
common greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide. Many environmental experts now believe that methane is more
responsible for global warming than the carbon dioxide. It is estimated that 25% of all methane released into the
atmosphere comes from farm animals.
Another way in which meat production affects the environment is through the use of water and land. 2,500
gallons of water are needed to produce one pound of beef, whereas 20 gallons of water are needed to produce one
pound of wheat. One acre of farmland used for raising cows can produce 250 pounds of beef; one acre of farmland
used for crop production can produce 50,000 pounds of tomatoes.
Many people now see the benefits of switching to a vegetarian diet, which excludes meat and fish. Not just
for health reasons, but also because it plays a vital role in protecting the environment. However, some nutritionists
advise against switching to a totally strict vegetarian diet. [21] They believe such a diet which includes no products
from animal sources can be deficient in many of the necessary vitamins and minerals our bodies need.
Today many people have come to realise that [22] to help the environment and for the human race to survive,
more of us will need to become vegetarian.
Questions 20to 22 are based on the passage you have just heard.
20. What does a recent study show?
21. What do some nutritionists say about the strict vegetarian diet? .
22.What does the speaker think more people need to do?
20、【预测】选项均示某种结论或看法,故本题很可能与短文主旨有关。选项中的 source of greenhouse,
influenced,environment 和 meat consumption 表明,短文主旨很可能与人类消费(很可能是肉类消费)对环
21、【预测】B 项中的 lacks the vitamins and minerals 表明,It 应该是指某种食物或饮食;lacks, enhances,
helps 提示,本题与该食物或饮食对人体的影响有关,听录音时要留意这种影响是正面的还是负面的。
20、D)。短文开头即指出,最近的一项研究显示,肉类消费(meat consumption)是人类破坏环境 (damage the
environment)的主要方式之一,D 项正是对此的同义转述,has an adverse effect on 对应 damage。此外,紧接
着后面问句中的 eating meat have a negative effect on the environment 更进一步说明了答案。
21、B)。短文中通过 however 转折指出一些营养学家(some nutritionists )对素食的建议,他们建议不要只
吃素食(against…strict vegetarian diet),他们认为纯素食会使人体缺乏所必需的维他命和矿物 (deficient in…
necessary vitamins and minerals ), 由此可知答案为 B 项,其中 lack 对应 be deficient in, essential 对应
vegetarian),即 quit eating meats,故答案为 C 项。
Passage Three
23-25 听力原文2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
Alcoholism is a serious disease. Nearly nine million Americans alone suffer from the illness.
Many scientists disagree about what the differences are between an alcohol addict and a social drinker. The
difference occurs when someone needs to drink. And this need gets in the way of his health or behaviour. Alcohol
causes a loss of judgment and alertness. After a long period, alcoholism can deteriorate the liver, the brain and
other parts of the body.
The illness is dangerous, because it is involved in half of all automobile accidents. [23] Another problem is
that the victim often denies being an alcohol addict and won’t get help.
Solutions do exist. Many hospitals and centres help patients cope. Without the assistance, the victim can
destroy his life. He would detach himself from the routines of life. He may lose his employment, home or loved
All the causes of the sickness are not discovered yet. There is no standard for a person with alcoholism.
Victims range in age, race, sex and background. Some groups of people are more vulnerable to the illness. People
from broken homes and North American Indians are two examples. People from broken homes often lack stable
lives. Indians likewise had their traditional life taken from them by [24] white settlers, who often encourage them
to consume alcohol to prevent them from fighting back. The problem has now been passed on.
Alcoholism is clearly present in society today. People have started to get help and information. [25] With
proper assistance, victims can put their lives together one day.
Questions 22 to 25 are based on the passage you have just heard.
23. What is the problem of the victims about alcoholism according to the speaker?
24. Why did white settlers introduce alcohol to Indians?
25. What does the speaker seem to believe about those affected by alcoholism?
23、【预测】D 项表明,they 可能是指触酒者;选项中的否定词语提示,本题可能是关于他们存在的问题或
24、【预测】选项均为不定式短语,故本题考查做某事的目的或原因。C 项提示,该事可能与某种欧式的
生活习惯有关;再结合 D 项“缓解疼痛和痛苦” 和之前对主题的推测,本题很可能与喝酒有关。
25、 【预测】选项 C 项表明,they 是指某类患病者(很可能是酗酒者)。A 项、D 项意思接近,都表示这类
人对社会的不良影响,故二者可能都不是答案。B 项、C 项内容提示,本题可能涉及这类病人的治疗和康
23、D)。说话者提到,酗酒是很危险的一种疾病,因为有一半的车祸都与它有关;而接下来提到了 another
problem 是,患病者(victim ) 都不愿意承认自己是酿酒者(denies being an alcohol addict),由此可知答案
为 D 项。do not admit 对应 denies。
24、A)。短文中提到,北美印地安人(North American Indians )是容易酿酒的一类人群,接下来指出了他们
酗酒的根源:白人定居者们(white settlers )经常鼓励他们喝酒以防止他们反抗 (prevent them from fighting
back),由此可知答案为 A 项。
25、B)。短文结尾说话者提到,有了适当的帮助(with proper assistance ),酿酒者有一天可以重新正常生活
(put their lives together ),故答案为 B )。back to a normal life 对应 put their lives together。
Section C
26、 【预测】:分析句子结构可知,本句由于主语较长,所以使用了倒装结构。正常语序应为 the…, the
roles…,and other… descriptors… are 26. in your self-image.而 the roles…这些都是自我形象中所“包括的”内
容,由此不难联想到 Included,注意首字母要大写。
27、【预测】结合上题的分析可知,other 27. ________ descriptors 是对与前面并列的概括列举,故很可能表
28、【预测】空前的 an 提示,所填词应为以元音音素开头的可数名词单数。空前的动词 tell 提示,该名词2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
29、【预测】空后的名词 work 提示,所填词很可能为形容词或名词作定语,表示工作的类型或特点。
【答案】volunteer,意为“志愿的,义冬的”。volunteer work 意为“志愿者工作”。
30、【预测】前一句提到“失去了妻子并在周末做义工”的人物形象,所填词前的 widower 对应“lost his
wife”,由此推断,所填词应为对“does volunteer work”的 citizen 的描述。
【答案】are indicative of,意为“表明,说明”。
32、【预测】 此处是对 confirmation 和 rejection 的对比。结合 confirmation… in a manner consistent with who
you believe you are 推断,所填词应表达他人对我们持否定态度时,他们对我们的看法与我们自己对自己的
看法之间的关系,应与 consistent with 相反。
【答案】is inconsistent with,意为“与…不一致的”。
33、【预测】分析句子结构可知,所填词前后不缺少主干成分,由此推断,所填词应为一副词,修饰 lost his
first election。
34、【预测】空前的 his 提示,所填词应为名词。此处是说,选民对皮埃尔•塞林杰的看法与皮埃尔•塞林杰
对自己的定义不一致,桮据前文内容可知,所填词应为 self-definition 的同义词。
35、【预测】空前的 rather than 以及空后的名词性从句 how others classify you 提示,所填词应为 v.-ing 形式。
【答案】relying on,意为“依靠,依赖”。
PartⅢ Reading Comprehension
Section A
36、M)。空前的 his 表明,本空应填名词,C) sights,G) glances,M) presence 入选。上一句提到,得体的
答案为 M) presence (存在)。
37、D)。空前后的两个 of 表明,本空应填名词或动名词,C) sights,D) dimming, G) glances, L) hiding 入选。
本句中的 this 指的是土一句提到的 both cast down their eyes (双方都会垂下眼帘),由此可以推知,这是一种
暗淡的光,故答案为 D) dimming (暗淡)。
38、J)。空前的 is so 表明,本空应填形容词,A) innocent,E) normal,H) obscure, J) subtle, 0) elaborate 入选。
从空后的 that 从句(我们只是在直觉上对其做出反应)可以推知,眼睛的许多动作应该是非常微妙的,本
句用 so… that…(如此…以至于…)来强调眼睛动作的微妙,故答案为 J) subtle (微妙的)。
39、G)。空前的 with 表明,本空应填名词,C) sights, G) glances 入选。本句的前半句提到,他看 (looks at)
你的次数很可能比平时多,那么后面应该是,扫视你的时间也比正常时间要长,故答案为 G) glances (—瞥,
扫视)。Chances are that…意为“很可能…”。
40、B)。空前的 You 表明,本空应填动词原形,B) interpret 入选。本句中的 this 指的是上句提到的他看你
interpret 指理解比较难懂的文字、意义等抽象的东西,interpret sth as sth 为固定搭配,故答案为 B) interpret。
41、O)。空后的 experiments 表明,本空应填形容词,A) innocent,E) normal, H) obscure, 0) elaborate 入选。
从本句后面的内容如 in the psychologist’s laboratory,one way vision screen 等可知,这些实验是精心设计的,
故答案为 O) elaborate (精心计划的)。
42、A)。分析句子结构可知,空之后的句子作伴随状语,又因为空处与 of 连用,本空应填形容词, A)
innocent,H) obscure 入选。既然实验是精心设计的(elaborate),实验过程中,实验对象往往是在不知情的
情况下被观察。innocent of 为固定搭配,意为“对某些特定的事物毫无了解的;无知的”,故答案为 A) 2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
innocent (无知的)。
43、K)。空前的 were 和空后的 to 表明,本空应填过去分词形式的动词,F) deceived, K) induced 入选。既
应该是被引诱进行欺骗。K) induced (引诱)常用于 induce sb to do sth,意为“引诱某人做某事”,符合此
处语义,故为答案。deceive 常用于 deceive sb into doing sth,意为“欺骗某人(去做某 事)”,故从用法上
可排除 F) deceived。
44、E)。空前 was 表明,本空应填形容词,E) normal, H) obscure 入选。本实验结果都是与正常情况作比较,
上段第三句中的 a little longer than the normal 有很强的提示作用,故答案为 E) normal (正常的)。
45、I)。空前的 can 和空后的 be 表明,本空应填副词,I)actually, N)doubtfally 入选。空前面提到的 “躲躲
闪闪的目光”应该是能够透露出一个人想要欺骗的企图和内疚感,空处的副词加强了肯定的语气,I) actually
Section B
Passage One
46、【定位】根据题目中的 mastering tools and working.with one’s hands 及 thinking and behaviour 可以将本
【精析】[C]。[C]段末句提到,家得宝对手工技术的态度—将其简化,傻瓜化,雇用承包人 _________ 标
thinking and behavior)的文化力量,正日益退化由此可知,作者认为精通工具和手工是一种文化力量,能塑
47【定位】根据题目中的 money in fields 及 the decline in traditional craftsmanship 可以将本题出处定位于[I]
段第 1-3 句。
【精析】[I]。[I]段第 1 句提到,这(指代前一句说的“那些靠手工吃饭的人们现在做着……服务性工作”)
是传统手工技术衰落的原因之一。第 2 句接着说,缺乏兴趣是另一个原因。第 3 句进一步解释说:金融这
48、【定位】根据题目中的 manufacturing 及 encourages craftsmanship 可以将本题出处定位于[E]段末句。
【精析】[E]。[E]段首句先讲述了美国政府、共和党和学者对制造业的看法。第 2 句作者用 But 转折指出,
这些人认识中的不足,其中提到:这些人很少会认为制造业的增长有利于手工技术的发展(a growing
manufacturing sector encourage scraftsmanship)。由此可知,在作者看来,制造业有利于手工技术的发展,故
49、【定位】根据题目中的 milkman, American craftsmanship, instead 及 immigrants 可以将本题出处定位于[N]
段第 2 句。
【精析】[N]。[N]段第 2 句提到,社会学家米尔克曼女士认为,美国手工技术的消失并没有像一些人所说
而是变成由移民来做。题中的 is being taken up by 对应原文中的 has… shifted to。
50、【定位】根据题目中的 the White House, Ford’s announcement 及 bring some production 可以将本题出处
定位于[D]段倒数第 2 句。
【精析】[D]。[D]段倒数第 2 句提到,最近,当福特汽车公司宣布要将部分生产转移回本土的时候,白宫
上下一片欢声(theWhiteHousecheered)。由此可知,白宫对福特公司的决定表示欢迎。题中的 bring some
production back to America 与文中的 bringing some production home 同义;welcomed 对应 cheered。
51、【定位】根据题目中的 Mr Axelrod, trying to, the recession 及 by doing more themselves 可以将本题出处
定位于[O]段第 4 句。
【精析】[O]。[O]段第 4 句提到,阿克塞尔罗德先生还认为,经济衰退和持续居高不下的失业率迫使许多
干更多的活来度过经济衰退期。故本题正是对[O]段第 4 句的合理推断。
52、【定位】根据题目中的 manufacturing, in the 1950s, 28%及 the gross domestic product 可以将本题出处定2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
位于[F]段倒数第 2 句。
【精析】[F]。[F]段倒数第 2 句提到,这种重要性的下降(指制造业)始于 20 世纪 50 年代,当时,制造业
足足创造了国民收入或国内生产总值(GDP)的 28%,雇用了全国三分之一的劳动力。由此可知,在 20 世纪
50 年代,制造业产值占了国内生产总值的 28%,故本题正是对这一信息的转述。题中的 constituted 与原文
中的 generated 同义。
53、根据题目中的 Ruth Milkman, line workers,did home renovation and other skilled work,in their off- hours
及 regain their dignity 可以将本题出处定位于[K]段最后两句。
【精析】[K]。[K]段第 2 句提到,鲁思•米尔克曼发现,许多流水线工人下班后都会做一些房子翻新或其他
手工技术活(home renovation and other skilled work in their off-hours )。紧接着第 3 句引用鲁思•米尔克曼的
原话“我常想,就工人而言…这些工作之余的手工活(these extracurricular j obs )是他们在努力重拾自尊。”
these extracurricular jobs 指的是第 2 句中的 home renovation…off-hours,由此可知,鲁思•米尔克曼认为许多
54、【定位】根据题目中的 troubled about 及 American craftsmanship 可以将本题出处定位于[B]段末句。
【精析】[B]。[B]段第 2 句通过 but 转折指出,在美国的工厂越来越少、好的制造业岗位已经消失的情况下
(at a time when…,and when…),美国手工技术的削弱(this dilution of American craftsman)让人深感担忧
(deeply troubling about ),其中 this dilution of American craftsman 指的是文章开头提到的家得宝商店里那些
便捷的工具和材料对手工技术的简化、削弱。题中的 weakening 对应原文中的 dilution。
55、【定位】根据题目中的 status,craft work, Germany 及 higher 可以将本题出处定位于[L]段首句。
Section C
56、【定位】根据题干中的 first paragraph 可以将本题出处定位于首段。
【精析】A)。首段提到,1 月失业率增至 16 年来新高,打破了 1974 年 12 月以来的单月最差纪录。仅仅在
过去的 3 个月里,就有 180 万人失业。由 there is urgent desire… as possible 可知,失业人数的增加实际反映
的是经济形势的恶化,故答案为 A 项。首段末句虽然提到了华盛顿方面将会应对激增的失业人口数量,但
没看提到其“正表采取强力措施(is taking drastic measures) ”,故排除 B 项。工作数量的减少不是美国政
府所为,相反,政府为缓解经济颓势,应该为人民创造更多就业机会,故 C 项可以排除。D 项是与首段首
句…as gloomy as anticipated (跟人们預期的一样糟糕)矛盾,说明美国政府并未感到措手不及,故排除 D 项。
57、【定位】根据题干中的 unemployment figures and other statistics 可以将本题出处定位于第 2 段。
【精析】D)。第 2 段先对 unemployment figures and other statistics 的一般用途作了介绍,继而转折提出用这
项中 fully 对应原文的 precisely; reflect the reality 对应原文的 objective measure of reality,故答案为 D 项。
文中提到 unemployment figures and other statistics 只是我们用来感知、评估现实状况的众多数据中的重要一
环,而我们对现实的评估反过来会影响政府政策、公司预算等决策。A 项将 unemployment figures and other
statistics 说成“政策制定的坚实基础”,显然与原文意思不符,故排除 A 项。第 2 段后半部分提到,这些
统计数据并不能客观衡量现实,故排除 B 项。文中说统计数据只能在方向上描述现实中的经济动向,并不
能说明这些数据能够预示未来的经济趋势。故排除 C 项。
58、【定位】据题干中的 problem with the payroll survey 可以将本题出处定位于第 3 段第 4、5、6 句。
【精析】B)。第 3 段第 4 句提到,两种调查方法都有各自的缺点。接着指出工资单调查法存在两个问题: 一
是很容矣将一些人记名两次(double-count someone);二是不能涵盖个体经营者(doesn’t capture the number of
self-employed)。B 项项是对原文的同义转述,其中 fails to count in 对应原文的 doesn’t capture the number;
self-employed 原词复现,故答案为 B 项。A 项项属于无中生有,文中提及的 payroll survey 存在的两个问题
不涉及调查是否涵盖所有行业,故 A 项可排除。C 项说法错误,由于 payroll survey 中不包括个体经营者,
这类人群失去工作后就不会在 payroll survey 中体现出来,所以 payroll survey 体现的失业人数者可能比实际
Passage One2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
情况更少,而不是“放大”,所以 C 项可以排除。D 项是对 The payroll survey also doesn’t capture the number
of self-employed 的错误理解,容易排除。
59、【定位】根据题+中的 household survey 可以将本题出处定位于第 4 段。
【精析】C)。第 4 段首句即指出,家庭调查存在更大的问题,因为一般人们被问及性、金钱或者就业的问
题时往往会撒谎或者遮掩事实(tend to lie or shade the truth )。也就是说,有些人不会提供真实信息 (won’t
provide truthful information)。C 项表意与原文相符,故答案为 C 项。文章第 4 段说人们被问及性、金钱、
就业等问题时会撒谎或有所隐瞒,没有说人们在打电话时爱撒谎,所以排除 A 项。B 项无中生有,从原文
中无从得出,可排除。D 项是对第 4 段末句的错误理解,接电话人撒谎或者遮掩事实才是 household survey
60、 【定位】根据题干中的 at the end of the passage 可以将本题出处定位于文章结尾处。
【精析】B) 。文末提到,共和党和民主党都会基于估计猜测作出重要决策,而不是用批判的眼光(with a
critical eye)和开放的思维(open mind)看待原始数据。作者用 rather than 间接表明了自己对文中问题的看法,
言外之意,作者认为他们应该用批判的眼光看待统计数据,故答案为 B 项。B 项中的 decision makers 对应
原文的 Democrats and Republicans; view the statistics 与文中的 looking at the …raw data 同义, with a critical
eye 原词复现。本题考查作者的建议,末段第 2 句说,靠统计学家反映客观现实的想法不仅不可能成为现实,
而且会造成严重的错误判断。可见 A 项不可能是作者的建议,可排除。C 项中的 listen more 和 D 项中的
Democrats and Republicans cooperate 无中生有,从原文中无从得出,可以排除。
Passage Two
61、【定位】根据题干中的 2008 和 historic 可以将本题出处定位于首段。
【精析】A)。首段 for it was in that year 后的句子对 historic—词进行了解释:在人类历史上,人类首次变成
了以城镇人口为主的物种(predominantly urban species )。也就是说,在此之前,城镇人口并不比乡村人口
多,故答案为 A 项。A 项中的 outnumbered 对应 predominantly,都说明“历史意义” 在于城镇人口与乡村
人口相比之下的数量变化。首段只是将第一个由农村搬到城市的人说成“某个人” (someone),没有提到他
是否为有影响力的人(influential figure),故 B 项可排除;首段虽然提到亚非国家的确是于 2008 年开始的城
市化进程,但是这不是 2008 年具有历史意义的原因,真正的原因在于人类成了聚居城市为主的物种
(predominantly urban species ),故 C 项也可以排除;D 项犯了与 C 项同样的毛病,只注意到了城镇人口的增
因,故 D 项也应排除。
62、【定位】本题问作者对于城市化的看法,文中有关城市化的讨论主要集中在第 2 段,故将本题出处定
位于第 2 段。
【精析】B)。第 2 段首句为该段的主题句,作者在首句指出:城市化进程没有显示出任何放缓的迹象(shows
no sign of slowing),B 项为该句的同义转述,slow 同根词复现,照应原文的 slowing,故答案为 B 项。A 项中
的 impact 在文中根本没有提及,故可排除;C 项中 milestone 纯属无中生有,可以排除;文中提到刚刚住
进城市的人会最先忍受肮脏等一些不利因素,但并没有说城镇化会加重城市环境的恶化,故 D 项可以排除。
63、【定位】本题问作者对于彼得.史密斯的新书的评价,根据选项中的 coffee-table book, art 以及 commerce
等词可以将本题出处定位于第 3 段。
【精析】D)。第 3 段中,作者对于彼得•史密斯的新书的评价始于第 4 句,直至该段末尾。其中,第 4 句
中的 breezy—词表示“活泼的;风趣的”。可见,作者认为彼得•史密斯新书的风格是生动有趣的 (lively and
interesting ),故答案为 D 项。A 项中的 ordinary 与原文 high-quality, unusually rigorous 的表述不符,所以
排除;虽然作者提到史密斯的新书活泼风趣,但并没有说书中有幽默故事(humorous stories),所以排除 B
项;C 项是根据文中词汇编造的选项,史密斯的新书是城市生活的指南,城市在城镇化的作用下变成了艺
术和贸易的引擎,而史密斯的新书和 art, commerce 之间没有任何关系,故 C 项应该排除。
64、【定位】根据题干中的 in the chapter on skyscrapers 可以将本题出处定位于第 4 段。
【精析】D)。第 4 段末句括号内的句子对 skyscraper index 这种观点进行了解释:摩天楼数量的增多明显是2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
经济衰退临近的迹象(a boom in skyscraper construction is a foolproof sign of an imminent recession)。也就是
说,经济衰退会紧跟着摩天楼数量的增多而到来,D 项与该句子表意相符,故为答案。D 项中 closely follows
照应原文的 imminent。文中虽然提到 automatic lift,但是 indispensable 纯属无中生有,A 项可以排除;第 4
段中仅仅谈到了居住在高空中的现实性,enjoy living in skyscrapers 无从得出,故 B 项可以排除;C 项是根
据人们的主观认识编造的选项,从第 4 段末可看出,摩天楼数量的增多将带来经济衰退,而不是城市繁荣,
故 C 项可以排除。
65、【定位】题干中的 criticism—词可以将本题出处定位于文章末段。
【精析】C)。末段首句就提到了 criticism,即该书“宽泛的代价就是缺乏深度”(the price of breadth is depth),
也就是说,史密斯的新书内容宽泛程度有余而深度不足。C 项“该书没有深入讨论城市生活的任何方面”
的说法与该处评论意思相符,故答案为 C 项。A 项项与第 4 段首句的表述不符,也不是人们对史密斯新书
的评论,故可排除;文中只是提到史密斯的新书内容很宽泛,too long to read 无从得出,故排除 B 项;由 a
guidebook to the city is really, therefore, a guidebook to how a large and ever-growing chunk of humanity chooses
to live—句可以看出,史密斯的新书给城市居住者提供了很好的建议,故 D 项应该排除。
PartⅣ Translation
明朝第三位皇帝朱棣在夺取(usurp)帝位后,从南京迁都北京,于 1406 年开始建造紫禁城这座宫殿,
至明永乐十八年( 1420 年)落成。随着 1924 年清朝的最后一位皇帝溥仪退位(abdication)后被驱逐出皇
宫,它失去了原有的功能。在这五百余年中,共有 24 位皇帝曾在此居住,统治全国。今天,紫禁城是一个
博物院,也是世界上最受欢迎的旅游景点之 一。游客们可以看到传统的宫殿建筑,可以欣赏保存在宫殿里
①The Forbidden City was built from 1406 to 1420 by the third Ming Emperor Zhu Di who, upon usurping
the throne, determined to move his capital north from Nanjing to Beijing. ②It lost its original function in the year
1924 when Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, was expelled from this palace after his abdication. ③
During its 500-year span, twenty-four emperors lived and ruled from this palace. ④Today, the Forbidden City is a
public museum and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. ⑤Visitors can see the
traditional palace architecture, enjoy the treasures kept in the palace, and learn of the legend and anecdotes about
the imperial family and the court.
1、①句状语为过去的时间,故使用一般过去时,主句译作被动句“The Forbidden City was built…by…”,“于
1406 年开始建造紫禁城这座宫殿,至明永乐十八年( 1420 年)落成”译作状语“from 1406 to 1420”即可,
“明朝第三位皇帝”译作前置定语“the third Ming Emperor” ,修饰 Zhudi, “在夺取 (usurp)帝位后,从南
京迁都北京”译作 who 引导的定语从句,修饰 ZhuDi。
2、②句中“它失去了原有的功能”为主句,“1924 年”为状语。“清朝的最后一位皇帝涛仪退位后被驱
逐出皇宫”译作 when 引导的定语从句,修饰“1924 年”,其中“清朝的最后一位皇帝”译作“溥仪”的
3、③句“在这五百余年中”为时间状语,故用一般过去时,谓语为“居住”和“统治”,用 and 连接。
4、④句有两个并列谓语,用 and 连接,第二个谓语可以用一般现在时(is)也可以用现在完成时(has become),
“是……最……之一”用“one of+形容词最高级+名词复数”结构,介绍历史、文化和景点等时,这个结
构很常用,考生需熟记。2013 年 6 月六级考试真题答案解析(第二套)
5、⑤句主语为“游客们”,谓语为“可以”,可使用情态动词 can, “看到传统的宫殿建筑”、“欣赏保存
在宫殿里的珍宝”和“听到一些关于皇族和朝廷的传说和轶事”译作三个并列动词短语,用 and 连接,其
中第三个短语中的“听到”,意为“知道,了解”,’译作“leam of”而木是“hear”。








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