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1、Section C

Today, students who want to learn English in the US have a wide choice of courses and institutions to (36)______from. And, because the US is such a big country, they also have a huge (37) ______of locations in which to study. The US has a long (38) ______of teaching English because, (39) ______its history, the country has welcomed (40) ______from all over the world, most of whom have needed to learn English. Today, the US’s English language teaching sector is well developed and its teachers are highly qualified and (41) ______American universities and colleges welcome many thousands of (42) ______students each year, who (43) ______on degree or post graduate courses. (44) ___________________________________________. These courses are called Intensive English Language Programs and (45) ________________________. In addition to language tuition, Intensive English Language Programs give students (46) ____________________________________________.

Section C


37.【解析】variety。a (considerable, great, wide)variety of为习惯用语,表示“各种各样的, 种类繁多的”。https://www.ienglishcn.com/

38.【解析】tradition。从空格前的a long和空格后的介词of可以推断此处应填一名词。空后的history对所填词起一定的提示作用。

39.【解析】throughout。从空格后的逗号后面是一个完整的句子可以判断所填词应该是介词。空后的 its history及 the country has welcomed … from all over the world, most of whom have needed to learn English中两处用的现在完成时起提示作用。



42.【解析】overseas。所填词修饰students,因此应该为一形容词。空前的from allover the world起提示作用。


44.【答案】Most of these institutions provide preparation courses for students who need to improve their English before they start university study

【Main Points】Students who need to improve their English before they start university study can take preparation courses in these universities and colleges

45.【答案】they are the most common type of courses taken by overseas students

【Main Points】overseas students usually take these courses

46.【答案】the chance to get to know the school where they will be studying and become more familiar with the American academic environment

【Main Points】the chance to know their school and the American academic environment

2、Section C

When a consumer finds that an item she or he bought is faulty or does not live up to the manufacturer’s (36) ______for it, the first step is to present the guarantee at the store of purchase. In most cases, this action will (37) ______results. However, if it does not, there are various means the consumer may use to gain satisfaction. A simple and common method used by many consumers is to complain directly to the store manager. In general, the “higher up” the consumer takes his or her (38) ______, the faster he or she can expect it to be settled. In such a case, it is usually settled in the consumer’s favor, (39) ______ he or she has a just claim.

Consumers should complain in (40) ______ whenever possible, but if they cannot get to the place of purchase, it is (41) ______ to phone or write the complaint in a letter. Complaining is usually most effective when it is done politely but (42) ______, and especially when the consumer can demonstrate what is wrong with the item in (43)_________. If this cannot be done, (44) ______________________________________..The store manager may advise the consumer to write to the manufacturer. If so, (45) _______________________________________. But if a polite complaint does not achieve the desired result, the consumer can go a step further. (46)_________________________________________________.

Section C

36.【解析】claim。从manufacturer’s这个所有结构可知所填词为名词,而且可以和介词for搭配。另外,live up to和所填词构成动宾搭配,live up to意为 “遵守(诺言、原则等),符合”。句中的or表示:faulty和or后面的部分是选择性并列关系。那么,consumer买的商品可能有瑕疵或者不像manufacturer标榜得那么好。claim作名词时常和for搭配,for后面的it指代的是an item。

37.【解析】produce。空前will限定所填词为一原形动词,并在句中作谓语,和results构成动宾搭配。主语this action是指上句中的present the guarantee at the store of purchase,在很多情况下,这种方式都比较有效。表示“产生好的效果”的搭配有produce / bring about / bear / give / yield (good) results。

38.【解析】complaint。从in general(一般而言)可知,这句话是对上一句的进一步说明,所填词很可能和上一句中的关键词complain有关,而且作空后settled的宾语。Settle暗含“解决(棘手的或令人不愉快的事情)”。complaint是complain的名词形式,take one’s complaint意为“抱怨”,等同于complain。


40.【解析】person。in person意为“亲自,本人”,为固定短语。空后的转折句but if they cannot get to the place of purchase…to phone or write the complaint in a letter起提示作用。

41.【解析】acceptable。空前的It is及to phone…表明本空中应填一形容词。考生应注意:短文听写中若出现It is/was to do结构时,所填词往往为以?able结尾的形容词。

42.【解析】firmly。所填词前面的but表示“尽管…还是…”,所填词和 politely应该词性相同,但意义相对。短文听写中的副词往往以?ly结尾。

43.【解析】question。in question为固定搭配,意为“正在谈论的”,修饰the item。在文章语境中,正在谈论的商品也就是向经理抱怨的商品。

44.【答案】the consumer will succeed best by presenting specific information as to what is wrong, rather than by making general statements

【Main Points】the consumer will succeed by presenting specific information,but not by making general statements  https://www.ienglishcn.com/

45.【答案】the consumer should do this, stating the complaint as politely and as firmly as possible

【Main Points】the consumer should do this, stating the complaint politely and firmly

46.【答案】She or he can threaten to take the seller to court or report the seller to a private or public organization responsible for protecting consumers rights

【Main Points】She or he can threaten to accuse the seller or report the seller to an organization responsible for protecting consumers rights

3、Section C

In many countries, authority is seldom questioned, either because it is highly respected, or because it is (36) _______. Sometimes, too, because (37) _______ has been important in certain societies for a long time, people have been trained never to question those in authority.

In other countries, (38) _______America, children are trained to question and search for answers. When a child asks a question, he will be often told to go to the library and find the answer for himself. By the time students reach the age of 14 or 15, they may be (39) _______ exciting new ideas in all fields of science and the arts. To encourage such creativity, there are many national (40) _______ offered to students every year for their scientific discoveries and artistic (41) _______.

This interest in questioning and searching may be (42) _______ by some people as bad for young people’s (43) _______, that young people lack respect for authority. (44) ___________________. However, this is because many Americans have different attitudes toward authority that may exist in other areas of the world. In a work or business situation, ideas are freely and openly discussed and argued. (45)_________________________. The two are quite separate. The purpose of the searching, questioning, and arguing is to find the facts in a particular situation, and therefore a solution, (46) ______________________________.

Section C




39.【解析】developing。所填词的宾语为exciting new ideas,从宾语的感情色彩可以判断所填词带有褒义,根据空前的may be判断应该填入动词的?ing形式,构成正在进行时。

40.【解析】prizes。目的是为了encourage such creativity,那么提供的应该是奖励了。



43.【解析】manners,意为“礼貌,礼仪”。根据空格后的that young people lack respect for authority可以判断此处是说对年轻人的礼貌有害。

44.【答案】This impression may be created when visitors notice young Americansasking questions and arguing with older people

【Main Points】Young people may leave bad impression when they ask   questions and argue with older people.  https://www.ienglishcn.com/

45.【答案】It is vital to remember that it is the person’s ideas that are being questioned,not the individual himself

【Main Points】It is important to remember that people argue about ideas instead of  the individual himself

46.【答案】so that the work of the business can progress in the most effective mannerpossible

【Main Points】so that the business work can go on the most effectively

4、Section C

Some people believe that you have to be a special kind of person to sell a product. But although it is clear that a successful salesman does need special talents, and a (36) _________personality, many of the skills he uses are used by us all: we build and (37) _________relationships with different kinds of people, and we listen to and take (38) _________of what they tell us and don’t just enjoy the sound of our own (39) _________.

A firm may depend on their own sales team and on the salesmanship of their distributors, wholesalers or (40) _________. But any company needs to establish a personal relationship with its major clients (key accounts) and potential customers (41) _________. It is often said that people do business with people. A firm doesn’t just (42) _________impersonally with another firm, but a person in the buying department receives personal visits from people (43) _________the firm’s suppliers on a regular basis or in the case of department stores or chain stores, a team of buyers may travel around visiting suppliers. Keeping sales people “on the road” is much more expensive than employing them to work in the office and much of their time is spent unproductively traveling. (44)______________________________. (45)____________________. Servicing overseas customers may consequently often be done by phone, telex or letter and personal visits may be infrequent. (46)_______________________________.

Section C

36.【解析】dynamic。此句中的and表示special talents和a personality并列作need的宾语。所填词修饰personality,根据语境可以判断,a successful salesman需要有特殊的才能和一种外向的、有活力的性格。


38.【解析】note。take note of为固定搭配,意为“注意,留意”,what they tell us起提示作用。

39.【解析】voices。此句中,and前后是相对立的行为。listen to and take note of和don’t just enjoy相对立;what they tell us和the sound of our own 相对立,但是它们在语义上是一致的,因此所填词和tell、sound有关。

40.【解析】retailers。此句中的or表示所填词和distributors, wholesalers是选择性的并列结构。和分销商和批发商并列出现的最有可能是零售商。

41.【解析】prospects。在这里引申为“可能成为主顾的人”。此句中,and前后的短语应该具有相同的结构。前面括号中的key accounts和major clients是同义关系,那么所填词和potential customers也应该是同义关系。

42.【解析】deal。此句中的“not just …, but…”结构和“not only …, but (also)…”相似,表示递进,在该结构中,not just …这半句应该是一个完整的句子,因此所填词 为动词。deal with sb.为固定搭配,在本文语境中意为“与…做生意”。

43.【解析】representing。but …the firm’s suppliers,这部分大意是“一个公司的采购人员接待该公司供应商代表的来访”,可以判断people是the firm’s suppliers的员工,他们和a person in the buying department谈生意的时候,是代表自己的公司(即suppliers)。

44.【答案】Telephone selling may use this time more productively,but a face-to-face meeting and discussion is much more effective

【Main Points】Telephone selling uses this time more productively,but a face-to-face meeting more effective

45.【答案】Companies involved in the export trade often have a separate export sales force, whose travel and accommodation expenses may be very high

【Main Points】Companies that have a separate export sales force expend much on travel and accommodation

46.【答案】Many firms appoint an overseas agent or distributor whose own sales force takes over responsibility for selling their products in another country

【Main Points】Many firms appoint an overseas agent or distributor responsible for selling their products in another country



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