I am a proud mother of three children, my last little one being delivered in the middle of this pandemic. She was born in August and her name is Aida.
我是三个孩子的骄傲的母亲,我的最后一个小孩子在大流行期间分娩了。 她出生于八月,名字叫Aida。

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Shortly after having Aida my mother in law Ann showed me something she learned from her friends mother in an art class she attended weekly. She had a loom and showed me how to knit a scarf. She showed me one stitch and gave me a small loom with her half done project.
在我的岳母安达(Aida)接受爱达(Aida)之后不久,我每周一次参加美术课,向她的朋友母亲学到一些东西。 她有一台织机,向我展示了如何编织围巾。 她给我看了一针,完成了一半的项目,给了我一台小织机。

I spend a lot of time breastfeeding my sweet little girl.. so I have some extra time to do something with my hands through out the day. I enjoyed making the scarf so I purchased a full loom set and tons of yarn and started to make beanies since it is winter.
我花了很多时间为我可爱的小女孩母乳喂养。因此,我有一些额外的时间可以整天用双手做一些事情。 我喜欢制作围巾,所以我购买了全套的织布机和数吨的纱线,因为冬天了,所以开始制作豆豆。

I realized the homeless population in my town in Southern California really needed some more warm weather gear. If gets into the low 30s here in the heart of winter. I started to give away my hats here and there to the people asking for food outside the donut shop down the avenue I live off of.
我意识到,我在南加州小镇上的无家可归者确实需要更多温暖的天气设备。 如果在冬季的心脏进入30年代低点。 我开始在这里和那里把帽子献给那些在我赖以生存的大街以外的甜甜圈店外觅食的人。

My oldest son Siddhartha got involved in the project and made a hat as well. I found out that there was a non profit up the way from me that made masks for farm workers and they were asking for winter warm weather gear donations. I made over a dozen beanies and gave them to hand out to farm workers. I then made beanies for everyone in my husband’s family for Christmas gifts, and gave beanies to all my neighbors I was close too for there families. There was a new family that moved in down the street and I decided I did not know them very well but why not break the ice with some handmade gifts? So I made a beanie for the mom and 1 yr old baby. I knocked on the door and handed the gifts over and Liz my neighbor was so happy to receive them.
我的大儿子悉达多(Siddhartha)参与了该项目,并戴了顶帽子。 我发现从我这里走出来的一种非盈利性行为为农场工人制作了口罩,他们要求捐赠冬季温暖的天气装备。 我做了十几个豆豆,然后交给了农场工人。 然后,我为丈夫家中的每个人制作了毛线帽,作为圣诞节礼物,然后将毛线帽给了我所有的邻居,我也在那里与那些亲密的家庭在一起。 有一个新家庭搬到街上,我决定对他们不太了解,但是为什么不买些手工礼物来打破僵局呢? 因此,我为妈妈和1岁的婴儿制作了一个无檐小便帽。 我敲门,把礼物交给了我,邻居丽兹很高兴收到礼物。

Since moving to my neighborhood she has been isolated and was happy to have a friend. She then told me that she crochets, and makes blankets for babies at the hospital who pass away. They give the Blankets to the mothers of the babies who don’t pull through. I thought that was such an amazing thing to do!
自从搬到我家附近以来,她一直与世隔绝,很高兴有一个朋友。 然后她告诉我,她钩针编织,为去世的婴儿做毛毯。 他们将毯子送给不穿的婴儿的母亲。 我认为这是一件了不起的事情!

Here I am grateful for my healthy baby, but I could not imagine if I lost her before I got to really know her. It must be so hard for those families. I hope that when they receive a gift from an unknown person in the community that helps bring them a little love. I know what my next project is going to be…
在这里,我感谢我的健康宝宝,但我无法想象在真正认识她之前是否失去了她。 这些家庭一定很难。 我希望当他们收到社区中一个陌生人的礼物时,能给他们带来一点爱。 我知道我的下一个项目将会是…


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