We have met, just not in person. I am a mortgage banker so I do my financial transactions over the phone and computer. This lady is a borrower of mine and I have done two of her refinances over the past couple of years. She is not a woman that is my mother‘s age, not a grandmotherly type of client, because men or women of that age are always very loving and they check up on me. This woman is my age.
我们见过面,只是不亲自见面。 我是抵押银行家,所以我通过电话和计算机进行金融交易。 这位女士是我的借款人,在过去的两年中,我完成了她的两次再融资。 她不是我母亲年龄的女人,也不是祖母般的客户,因为那个年龄段的男人或女人总是很爱我,他们都喜欢我。 这个女人是我的年龄。

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We have never met in person, she lives in New Jersey and I live in California. I always try to make a Mortgage transaction as exciting as and as fun as it can be and of course her loan turned out great, but nothing spectacular happened where I saved the day or anything like that. Everything ran smooth and it was fine and normal protocol. Mortgage is not the most exciting thing in the United States of America. Every couple of months, For the past three years she will email me a little note that tells me how much she appreciates me, how I made a difference in her life, how smart I am, and how thankful she is of me.
我们从未见过面,她住在新泽西,而我住在加利福尼亚。 我总是尽力使抵押交易变得既有趣又有趣,当然她的贷款也很丰厚,但是在我保存一天之类的事情上没有发生任何壮观的事情。 一切运行顺利,这是正常的协议。 在美国,抵押贷款不是最令人兴奋的事情。 每隔几个月,在过去的三年中,她将通过电子邮件向我发送一条小纸条,告诉我她对我的欣赏程度,我如何改变她的生活,我有多聪明以及她对我的感谢程度。

I have a stressful job, and sometimes my cheese is falling off my cracker all day long and just one little note from her completely changes my whole day. Sometimes it even makes me cry a little because it’s exactly what I needed to hear. Little does she know that that one little action to somebody she barely even knows does so much for me over here on the other end.
我的工作压力很大,有时候我的奶酪整天掉在薄脆饼干上,她的一小笔便改变了我的一整天。 有时它甚至使我哭泣,因为这正是我需要听到的。 她几乎不知道对她什至不知道的某个人的一举一动在另一端对我来说有太大作用。

This morning I turned on my computer and was trying to wake up and grunting at my emails and there it was, another note from her. I started my day in such a good mood and I let her know how much she makes a difference in my life! I also let her know how lucky the people are that are in her life if she treats everybody like this!
今天早上,我打开电脑,试图醒来,对我的电子邮件咕gr一声,那里是她的另一张纸条。 我以良好的心情开始新的一天,我让她知道她对我的生活有多大的改变! 我也让她知道,如果她这样对待每个人,人们的生活将会多么幸运!

Our relationship has only been business and she finds the time and kindness in her heart to send me these notes. No one has ever done that before, not even somebody that loved me. (Except my mom’s notes in my lunch when I was a kid.)
我们的关系只是生意上的关系,她发掘时间和友善地将这些笔记发送给我。 从来没有人做到过,甚至没有一个爱过我。 (除了我小时候午餐时妈妈的笔记。)

Everyone is so stressed out and lonely right now. So to the woman that has been doing this thank you so much and you make a difference in my life! Take a moment in your day tomorrow to do one little nice thing for somebody, even if it’s for someone you do not know. You can make one little difference in their life and put into motion a whole stream of positivity after that. It feels good to say I felt a little love today, and I found myself passing it on to everybody else I spoke to after that.
每个人现在都感到如此压力和孤独。 因此,对于一直这样做的女士,非常感谢,您为我的生活带来了改变! 明天在您的一天中花一点时间为某人做一件小事,即使是针对您不认识的人。 您可以在他们的生活中有所作为,然后将整个积极状态付诸实践。 很高兴地说我今天有一点爱,然后我发现自己将爱传递给了我之后与之交谈的其他人。



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