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关于人生选择的小故事英语: It was the Summer of my 16th year. I was 2000 miles away from home and my he…


It was the Summer of my 16th year. I was 2000 miles away from home and my heart was aching. I had traveled from the mountains of West Virginia to the great plains of Iowa. I was with a group of boys touring a Seminary college. When the trip had first started I was filled with excitement. It was going to be a week of adventure, a week of travel, and the possibility of starting on a new path in my life. Now 5 days later I was filled with sadness. I missed my Mom. I missed my Dad. I missed my old, Italian Nana. I missed the mountains, the green trees, and the smell of the wild flowers in the Summertime. Here there was only brown and gray plains. And all I could smell in the air was a mixture of corn, mud, and hogs. I didn’t think I could feel any more homesick.
那是我16岁的夏天。我离家 2000 英里远, 心很痛。我从西弗吉尼亚州的山区旅行到爱荷华州的平原。我和一群男孩一起参观了一所神学院。旅行开始的时候,我充满了兴奋。这将是一周的冒险,一周的旅行,并有可能开始在我的生活中一条新路。5天后,我充满了悲伤。我想念我妈妈我想念我爸爸我想念我的旧意大利娜娜我错过了夏天的山,绿树,野花的味道。这里只有棕色和灰色的平原。我空气中能闻到的只是玉米、泥浆和猪的混合物。我想我再想家也感觉不到了。

关于人生选择的小故事英语 -1

I walked outside and sat down on a bench. I knew that I was at a crossroads and that the decision I was about to make would affect the rest of my life. This seminary school had sounded so good to me a few weeks ago. Now, however, I knew that I could never go to college here. I couldn’t be so far away from my family for so long. I sighed a long sigh and looked up at the setting sun. The prairie sunset was spectacular. It filled the entire horizon and I felt its beauty and peace washing over me. I knew too that I was making the right choice and that God was guiding me. Like Robert Frost’s poem I was taking the road less traveled and that was fine with me.
我走到外面,坐在长凳上。我知道我正处在一个十字路口,我即将做出的决定将影响我的余生。几周前,这所神学院听起来对我太好了。然而,现在我知道我永远不能在这里上大学。我不能离开我的家人这么久。我叹了口气, 抬头看着落日。草原的日落很壮观。它填满了整个地平线,我感觉到它的美丽与和平洗刷着我。我也知道我做出了正确的选择,上帝在指引我。就像罗伯特 · 弗罗斯特的诗一样, 我走的路少了, 这对我来说很好。

Since that day I have been at many crossroads in my life. Sometimes I have made the wrong choice and had to backtrack to make things right. More often than not, though, I have felt divinely inspired and made the choices that took me where I needed to go and helped me to become who I needed to be. Through it all I have felt my trust in God grow deeper and the love in my soul grow stronger. And that more than anything has kept me on the right road.
从那天起,我一直在人生的许多十字路口。有时我做出了错误的选择, 不得不回溯, 使事情正确。很多时候,虽然,我觉得神圣的灵感,并作出了选择,带我到我需要去的地方,帮助我成为我需要成为。通过这一切,我感觉到我对上帝的信任越来越深,我灵魂中的爱变得更坚强。更重要的是让我走对了路。

Life is a long and difficult journey but we all can take comfort in knowing that we are loved and watched over every step of the way. The next time you are at a Crossroads then keep your eyes looking to Heaven and your heart open to God. Let Love guide your steps and you will always take the road meant for you.




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