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关于圣诞节的英语故事: It was the day after Christmas 33 years ago. I was newly married and still in …


It was the day after Christmas 33 years ago. I was newly married and still in college. Only 10 days earlier my wife had gone into labor with our first child. It was a scary delivery that ended in an emergency C-section. We were so grateful to have Joseph John Mazzella II also known as JJ sleeping peacefully in the cradle next to our bed.

那是33年前的圣诞节后的第二天。我是刚结婚的,还在上大学。仅仅10天前,我妻子就带着我们的第一个孩子分娩了。这是一个可怕的分娩, 以紧急剖腹产结束。我们非常感谢约瑟夫·约翰·马泽拉二世也被称为JJ,睡在我们床边的摇篮里。

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The day before we had been on the road showing off our little bundle of joy to all of the grandparents and great-grandparents. It had been a busy Christmas and hard on my wife who was still recovering from her surgery. Now we were back in our tiny trailer trying to get a few extra winks of sleep before starting the day.
前一天,我们在路上向所有的祖父母和曾祖父母炫耀我们的一小束喜悦。这是一个繁忙的圣诞节,对仍在手术中恢复的我妻子非常辛苦。现在我们回到我们的小拖车, 试图在开始新的一天之前多睡几眨眼。

Just then I heard JJ stirring in his cradle. I leaned over and picked him up before he started to cry and then carefully crept out into the living room so my wife could keep sleeping. I picked up a bottle and sat in our rocking chair with JJ in my arms. I rocked quietly and fed him in the semi-dark room while he looked up at me with his loving, innocent eyes. I spoke softly to him but also felt a little fear as I watched him. How was I going to take care of him? I was still in school and had no idea what the future held in store for us. I rocked and worried and worried and rocked.
就在这时,我听到JJ在他的摇篮里搅拌。我俯身抱起他,然后他开始哭,然后小心翼翼地爬进客厅,这样我妻子就可以继续睡觉了。我拿起一个瓶子, 坐在我们的摇椅上, 怀里怀着 Jj 。我静静地摇着,把他喂在半黑暗的房间里,而他高高看着他,他充满爱意,天真的眼睛。我轻轻地和他说话, 但当我看着他时, 也感到有点害怕。我该怎么照顾他?我还在学校, 不知道未来会为我们准备什么。我摇摇晃晃,忧心忡忡,摇摇晃晃。

After a few minutes I saw the sun slowly rising in the sky outside my window. The bright light was shining down from the heavens making the freshly fallen snow shine with a beauty that touched my soul. As I watched it my fear fled and I felt such a sense of peace, harmony, love, and joy. The Christmas spirit had snuck into my heart when I wasn’t looking and I smiled. I knew then that whatever the future held, it would be alright as long as I kept love in my heart.

Christmas is such a blessed time. It is a time of Love. A Holy Child’s Love. A Heavenly Father’s Love. A Love that unites us all. A Love that forever conquers fear. Welcome that Love into your heart. Live it in your life. Make a home for it in your soul. Share it with everyone not only on Christmas day but every day. Embrace the blessing of Christmas by making Christmas a way of life.



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