In today’s society, the Internet has made its way into almost every home. It is a well-known fact that the web is a valuable asset for research and learning. Unfortunately, it can also be a very dangerous place for teens.It’s clear that, for teenagers, spending too much time online can really deter social and educational development. 
The Internet world is such that there is always something new to do and to distract one from one’s responsibilities. There is nothing wrong with using the Internet as a tool for research, news, and even entertainment. After all, the World Wide Web is the world’s most accurate, up to date resource for almost any type of information. But it grows increasingly easier to develop a dependency on it. 
This is especially true for teens- a group that tends to be susceptible to flashy graphics. In a sense, the Internet is the new video game or TV show. Although they may have good intentions, they might be at risk of coming across something inappropriate and even dangerous.
To solve the problem, we should start by limiting the amount of time they spend online. If he or she is accustomed to spending eight hours per weeknight on the Internet, try limiting use in the first week to six hours per night and working steadily down. Encourage them to go to social events. 
And with love and attention from parents, teens can and will learn to disengage – even if it takes some time.


鼓励他们参加社会活动。有了父母的爱和关注,青少年可以并且一定能脱离对网络的沉迷——- 即使它需要一些时间。



Everyone has the worry, this words say not false.
In school, I cheerily like a little angel, but it can also be because some schoolmate and tears.
At home, the severity of the mother day in my ear nagging, not ask me to do this examination papers, is to call me to do that this practice.
As time goes by, go from a a graders into a student of grade 6. Those troubles like about though, the barrage of comes to me.
“All! How do you have no homework?” Mom stood in front of me, shouted. Sharp eyes staring at me. I expected something happens. I was silent for a moment, brains are searching to escape the excuses. “All you have heard, no!” Once again, her mother to raise his voice call way. I suddenly flashes, using the eye inclined once BiZhong, of hippies say: “now have half past nine, should sleeping, tomorrow fill again!” Mom lips slightly twitch several times, jumped out a few words: “I ignore, tonight you to have to fill, another add a piece of.” I’ve heard the heavy additional assignments, started vomitted to stick out your tongue. Helpless, have to remove pen do up.
I looked at desks that zhang photo, remembering the friends and good times together, wry smile 1:
“Today” little angel ‘unhappy hey!” Originally I was a merry bird, but now I like shut in the cage dove, I hope that someday I would be rushed out of the cage “, “freely in the blue sky wings.



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