爱的力量 Love Power

爱的力量 Love Power
?爱的力量 Love Power:

  We always say that love has great power to fix anything. But what power does lovehave and how it works? In my opinion, love is the firmest connection betweenpeople. The relationship between people may be connected due to variousreasons, but love helps people understand and accept each other. So people cankeep their relationship much longer. Besides, love can heal a wounded heart. Sometimes,we may be hurt by others or we may suffer some unexpected accidents. They ofcourse will depress us. But love given by others can pull us out of depression.Because they love us, they will be around us and help us.


  Girls Day, which is not a foreign section, is in the early 1990s was born in institutions of higher learning, school is fun and culture on behalf of one of the products. Girls Day …[阅读全文]


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