Last Friday afternoon,four students were on their way home.Suddenly,they saw a truck coming from the corner at a high speed,and some watermelons fell off.At the same time,a middle-aged man on a bicycle fell to the ground,blood coming from his body.They were shocked by this situation but they didn’t hesitate to help the people who were injured in this accident.One of them called the policemen and one dialed 120 while the others were taking care of the cyclist.Soon the policemen came and they reported what they had seen.The policeman praised their bold behavior.These four students didn’t leave until the ambulance took the cyclist to the hospital.This may be an unforgettable experience for them.

  上个周五下午,四个学生正在回家的路上。突然,他们看到一辆卡车从拐角处快速地开过来,几个西瓜从上面掉下来。同时,一个骑自行车的中年男子摔倒在地,身上流着血。他们被眼前这个场景震惊到了,但他们毫不犹豫地走近帮助伤者,他们当中一个报警。一个打120。剩下的两个人照顾伤者。 不一会儿,警察来了,他们向警察讲述了事情经过,警察叔叔表扬了他们。不久救护车来了,把伤者送进了医院,这时这几个学生才离去。这对他们来说将会是一个难忘的经历。

  There is a common phenomenon should be noticed, calf love. Now, many students have boyfriend or girlfriend in their middles school. It makes parents badly worry. They think that ca…[阅读全文]


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