In the spring, all things recovery, the weather is gradually warming. In spring, it is everywhere, no matter where you go can feel its flavor. So I decided to look for spring.




  Ice is melting in the spring, river, sleep a little fish leap in winter, swim freely in the water. A flock of little duck in the mother duck swimming in the river together, under the guidance of my play. A lively spectacle.




  In the spring, in the garden, the grass can’t wait to head out from the land, the earth immediately become a fluffy carpet. LiuShuChang out of the green leaves, soft branches down like a little girl plaits. Flowers are you won’t let me, I won’t let you understand, the race to the open. Yellow jasmine opened, which looked from a distance, small yellow flowers like a horn. Pink peach blossom a next to a, filled with the whole branches, they are like a group of naughty children, scrambling to let people to see his gorgeous charm.




  In spring, in children. Spring is coming, the children all took off the thick cotton-padded jacket, wearing a thin spring clothing. They three group, two group to play in the square flying a kite.




  Ah! Spring is so beautiful, how I want to use camera down it has been preserved.



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