形象小姐/先生 image representative of a product or a brand

  性别歧视 sexual/gender discrimination

  性价比 cost performance

  虚报盈利 inflate profits

  虚假帐务 deceptive accounting

  虚开增值税发票 write false value added tax invoices

  虚拟存款 window-dressing deposits

  虚拟人 visual human

  虚拟网 virtual net

  虚拟银行 virtual bank

  虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后 Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.

  许可证制度 license granting mechanisms

  蓄势而发 accumulate strength for a take-off

  悬而未决的问题 outstanding question

  选举权和被选举权 the right to vote and the right to be elected

  选举人票 electoral vote

  选举人制 electoral system

  选美 beauty contest

  学而优则仕 (a Confucian slogan for education) a good scholar can become an official; he who excels in study can follow an official career

  学分 credit points

  学历教育 education with record of formal schooling

  学生处 students’ affairs division

  学生减负 alleviate the burden on students

  学时 credit hours

  熏青鱼 a red herring

  寻呼小姐 operators who work with paging centers

  巡航导弹 cruise missile

  巡回医疗 medical tour

  巡回招聘 milk round

  循序渐进 step by step

  徇私枉法 bend the law for the benefit of relatives or friends

  徇私舞弊 bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud

  寻呼台 paging centers


  业主 home owner


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