In present-day society, the human race is progressing at an unprecedented rate in a multitude of arenas. Accompanying all the boons brought about by the profound societal changes have come some sufferings, and _____ is very prominent among them. Some people assert that _____; while the adversaries strongly contend that ____. From my own perspective, their views have both merit and demerit.
Granted, there could be some positive effects ___may bring about. In the first place, 分论点一. For instance, 例证 / 语言论证。In the second place, 分论点二. 论证.
However, the opponents firmly believe that ____., and they against it for a couple of sound reasons. Firstly, ___. Secondly, ____. Thirdly, _____
In the final analysis, I concede that to some extent, 第一个观点. However, 第二个观点。 On balance, I am convinced that 自己的观点。
In this day and age, the Homo sapiens is advancing at a shocking rate in a host of domains. Along with all the boons brought about by the high-tech wonders have come some sufferings, and the ____ is manifest among them. A recent study conducted by ____(机构名称) revealed that ____现象。Hence, it is of paramount importance that we ascertain the causes of ____ and identify the effective remedies of this phenomenon.
As I see it, the causes of _____ are manifold. Firstly, ____. Secondly, ______. Last but not the least, _____
Given the severity of _____. We have no alternative but to take vigorous measures to address this thorny issue. To begin with, -_____(resolution one): further, ____(resolution two): lastly,_____ (resolution three)
To summarize, the causes of __--are multiple. I just point out some of them. But if _____, _____ and ____ work together to resolve _______, the incidence of _____will fall immediately.


雅思写作包括雅思小作文和雅思大作文两种考试形式,其中小作文主要是一些图表作文,题型包括柱状图(Bar chart)、线图(Line graph)、饼图(Pie chart)、表格(Table)、流程图(Flowchart)和地图(Map)。其中,前四者属于数据类图表,后两者属于非数据类图表。而且数据类图表在每年的雅思写作考试中占据的比例多于非数据类图表。而大作文则是多以议论体裁出现,考查的话题主要有政府角色与责任,社会文化观念(道德观,价值观,人生观等), 环境问题等社会现象。

雅思考试都在统一网站报名, 2009年哈尔滨雅思考试时间,考点黑龙江大学! 一般不补习一下是很难过的!既然想出国,这个是必要的~可以去橙育国际外语学校看看~效果还是不错的!


Although sticking to one’s goal is key to success, sometimes one
should be ready to give up. Napoleon’s story is a case in point. After
Napoleon succeeded in seizing the crown of France, he should have been
satisfied with his achievement. But he did not. He went on to conquer
the whole Europe. Then after he succeeded in ruling almost the whole
Europe, he should have given up this ambition to expanding his empire.
But he did not. He went on to invade Russia and there he suffered a
total defeat. Later he was sent into exile and died in a lonely island.
The second reason for my propensity for outdoor activities is that
they can build my mind greatly. In sports, one must learn to struggle
for the victory, learn to fight with no matter what is left in his body.
And one must learn to stick to one’s own confidence and hope, no matter
how little the hope may be. And one must learn to accept failure, learn
to start again after failure. Long-running and mountain climbing
contribute much to this kind of spirits. I will never forget the feeling
when I raced to the final line first in a 300-meter running. I could
hardly breathe in the last 100 meters. My lungs ached and my legs
weighed tons, but there was still one runner in front of me. I gave all
my strength to move one foot ahead of the other. When I surpassed him,
he gave a cry of surprise, I won at last and I learned much from the
If people move to live in different places, they will have more
opportunity for improving their lives. According to a survey conducted
by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 55f urban Chinese had
changed their living place at least once in their lifetime by 2000, an
increase of 30 percent as compared with that of 2 decades ago. Chinese
sociologists agree that this trend is most likely to continue with the
development society. Statistics indicate that people who moved at least
once in their lifetime enjoy a much higher living standard than those
who never moved.
Those who believe in the measure say that students benefit a lot
from traveling or working for a year before their formal university
education. First, they can more broadly acquainted themselves with the
society, deepen their understanding of the outside world, and thus
better coordinate their objectives of learning with the needs of the
society. In contrast, by immediate entrance to university they can not
steer the direction of their study well and may display a poor
combination of the theory with practice. Second, study at high school is
really exhausting, especially when to win college admission. So it is
necessary to grant these children a relatively long period of relaxation
or buffer, say, traveling or working for a year, to loosen the chords
of their brain, so that when they go back to school later again, they
can become completely refreshed and rejuvenated.



洛阳大华雅思为您解答 《雅思阅读真经5》是按单题型由易到难顺序编排的,所以它不仅是一本真题机经的预测,还是阅读单题型集训。背后的科学理论是:要先练好内功和分解动作,再去和剑桥组合过招,进步最快。


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