someone who is good at cooking  Describe someone you know who is good at cooking.
  You should say:
  * who this person is ①
  * how you know him or her ②
  * what kinds of food they cook ③
  and explain how (you think) this person became so good at cooking.④
  ①The person who's good at cooking – My Mom. Her cooking is equivalent to the top cooks of the world in my eyes.
  ②Now, I have been living on my own for over a decade, I really miss my mom's cooking. Wheneverone of the family members has a birthday, we gather at my parent's home for dinner.
  ③She's good at cooking western food – Italian food more than anything else. She cooks terrific Cheese macaroni, lasagna, ravioli. The pastry she made is heavenly, it really is something to die for.
  ④Actually, my mom was not much of a good cook several years ago. She even thought the height of cooking was browning some hamburgermeat, adding oregano and basil – that was Italian food. If it was Mexican food, she added chili powder and a tiny bit of cayenne. Things changed after she completed the courses in Beijing New Oriental School. It was a nice school offers 3 days free trial and, there, my mom had a chance to step into the demo kitchen and to get to participate as much as she liked. She got all many informativeand helpful hints in the Cooking School.
  Food just really isn't much of a focus for me other than to fuel up. But I really do enjoy my mom's homemade appealing meal. My mom's an awesome cook, much better than I am.
  * equivalent to 等于(相当于)
  * more than anything else 尤其是

我有托福的口语资料 是别人整理的听力笔记





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雅思口语如何积累地道表达,其中一个方法就是Try to read in English, especially informal writing。有蛮多同学问到应该怎么操作的,我们就拿“黑五”来说一说。
当你看到一个感兴趣的话题时,先google (任何英文的搜索引擎都ok,如aol, yahoo, bing…)无数页的搜索结果中,咱们只需要看第一页的前几个。把前几个都打开,看看哪个页面的排版看着顺眼,文章比较有条理。我推荐以bullet points架构的这种文章,比大段大段文字的看起来更一目了然。无论你在为一个everyday topic做阅读,还是为一个part2&3的话题做资料搜集,看2-3篇文章就足够啦。
Busted! These Are the 14 Biggest Myths About Black Friday
Every year, savvy shoppers find deep discounts online and in stores on Black Friday. Whether theyre looking for the newest, most advanced tech device or the perfect outfit for New Years Eve, buyers know retailers will offer some of their best deals during this time.
But are all the deals great Do you have to shop online to find them And do Black Friday sales even have to begin on Black Friday Weve addressed these questions, and quite a few more, in our list of the biggest myths about Black Friday. Brush up onsome shopping knowledge now, so youre well prepared for the upcoming deal season!
光看题目和文字介绍就能学到不少了。myths 是指杜撰出来的人事物或者想法,比如Contrary to popular myth, women are not worse drivers than men. 是不是雅思口语p3就用上啦。savvy shoppers这个表达方式在范例中常看到,再次遇到,不妨查字典再确认下意思和用法!brush up on sth,这一看就是phrasal verb嘛,原来我怎么不知道这么来说knowledge呢查下字典就知道,原来brush up on sth & brush sth up 的意思是to quickly improve a skill, especially when you have not used it for a time。比如I must brush up on my Spanish before I go to Seville.

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