I know something about the fried chicken. it is chicken which is coated with a breading mixture or batter and then deep fried, pan fried or pressure fried. The breading adds a crispy crust to the exterior. The chicken itself may be chicken pieces on the bone with skin, or boneless and skinless pieces, usually breast meat, as in chicken fingers.

I know something about the fried chicken. it is chicken which is coated with a breading mixture or batter and then deep fried, pan fried or pressure fried. The breading adds a crispy crust to the exterior. The chicken itself may be chicken pieces on the bone with skin, or boneless and skinless pieces, usually breast meat, as in chicken fingers.
I know something about coffee. It is the most widespread drink in the world with approximately half-a-trillion cups consumed every year. There are two fundamental types of coffee: espresso and regular, or non-espresso. Espresso is the variety of coffee available in cafés and restaurants, whilst regular coffee is generally meant for the home.
I know something about pumpkins. Pumpkins and other squashes are native to North and Central America, but have since been cultivated around the world. The seeds are primarily used in herbal medicine. The yellow blossoms of pumpkins are also used as medicine in some native traditions.
I know something about pawpaw.Pawpaw is a genus of small clustered trees with large leaves and fruit, native to North America. The genus includes the largest edible fruit indigenous to the continent. They are understory trees found in well drained deep fertile bottomland and hilly upland habitat. Pawpaw is in the same family as the custard-apple, cherimoya, sweetsop, ylang-ylang and soursop, and it is the only member of that family not confined to the tropics.


I know something about roast beef.Roast beef is a cut of beef which is roasted in an oven. Roast beef is often served within sandwiches and sometimes is used to make hash. In England, Canada, Ireland, and Australia roast beef is one of the meats traditionally served at Sunday Dinner. A traditional side dish to roast beef is Yorkshire pudding.

In a similar manner to the English use of the word frog to insult the French, the French use rosbif, meaning roast beef, as an insult to the English because of their association with the dish.[1]


Whats your favorite fruit 你最喜欢什么水果

Which do you like better , apples or pears 苹果和梨子你比较喜欢什么

Which of these fruits do you like 这些水果你喜欢什么

I like bananas best. 我最喜欢香蕉

I like eating fruit.我喜欢吃水果

I like fruits, such as oranges, watermelon and so on.  我喜欢水果,像橙子,西瓜等等

i like eat fruit ,like apple ,pear and so on


1. i see. 我明白了。
2. i quit! 我不干了!
3. let go! 放手!
4. me too. 我也是。
5. my god! 天哪!
6. no way! 不行!
7. come on. 来吧(赶快)
8. hold on. 等一等。
9. i agree。 我同意。
10. not bad. 还不错。
11. not yet. 还没。
12. see you. 再见。
13. shut up! 闭嘴!
14. so long. 再见。
15. why not 好呀! (为什么不呢)
16. allow me. 让我来。
17. be quiet! 安静点!
18. cheer up! 振作起来!
19. good job! 做得好!
20. have fun! 玩得开心!
21. how much 多少钱
22. im full. 我饱了。
23. im home. 我回来了。
24. im lost. 我迷路了。
25. my treat. 我请客。
26. so do i. 我也一样。
27. this way。 这边请。
28. after you. 您先。
29. bless you! 祝福你!
30. follow me. 跟我来。
31. forget it! 休想! (算了!)
32. good luck! 祝好运!
33. i decline! 我拒绝!
34. i promise. 我保证。
35. of course! 当然了!
36. slow down! 慢点!
37. take care! 保重!
38. they hurt. (伤口)疼。
39. try again. 再试试。
40. watch out! 当心。
41. whats up 有什么事吗
42. be careful! 注意!
43. bottoms up! 干杯(见底)!
44. dont move! 不许动!
45. guess what 猜猜看
46. i doubt it 我怀疑。
47. i think so. 我也这么想。
48. im single. 我是单身贵族。
49. keep it up! 坚持下去!
50. let me see.让我想想。
51. never mind.不要紧。
52. no problem! 没问题!
53. thats all! 就这样!
54. time is up. 时间快到了。
55. whats new 有什么新鲜事吗
56. count me on 算上我。
57. dont worry. 别担心。
58. feel better 好点了吗
59. i love you! 我爱你!
60. im his fan。 我是他的影迷。
61. is it yours 这是你的吗
62. thats neat. 这很好。
63. are you sure 你肯定吗
64. do l have to 非做不可吗
65. he is my age. 他和我同岁。
66. here you are. 给你。
67. no one knows . 没有人知道。
68. take it easy. 别紧张。
69. what a pity! 太遗憾了!
70. any thing else 还要别的吗
71. to be careful! 一定要小心!
72. do me a favor 帮个忙,好吗
73. help yourself. 别客气。
74. im on a diet. 我在节食。
75. keep in touch. 保持联络。
76. time is money. 时间就是金钱。
77. whos calling 是哪一位
78. you did right. 你做得对。
79. you set me up! 你出卖我!
80. can i help you 我能帮你吗
81. enjoy yourself! 祝你玩得开心!
82. excuse me,sir. 先生,对不起。
83. give me a hand! 帮帮我!
84. hows it going 怎么样
85. i have no idea. 我没有头绪。
86. i just made it! 我做到了!
87. ill see to it 我会留意的。
88. im in a hurry! 我在赶时间!
89. its her field. 这是她的本行。
90. its up to you. 由你决定。
91. just wonderful! 简直太棒了!
92. what about you 你呢
93. you owe me one.你欠我一个人情。
94. youre welcome. 不客气。
95. any day will do. 哪一天都行夕
96. are you kidding 你在开玩笑吧!
97. congratulations! 祝贺你!
98. t cant help it. 我情不自禁。
99. i dont mean it. 我不是故意的。
100. ill fix you up. 我会帮你打点的 。

烧饼Clay oven rolls 油条Fried bread stick 韭菜盒Fried leek dumplings 水饺oiled dumplings
蒸饺 Steamed dumplings 馒头Steamed buns 割包Steamed sandwich 蛋饼Egg cakes
饭团Rice and vegetable roll 皮蛋 100-year egg 咸鸭蛋 Salted duck egg
豆浆 Soybean milk
饭 类
稀饭 Rice porridge 白饭 Plain white rice 油饭 Glutinous oil rice 糯米饭 Glutinous rice
卤肉饭 Braised pork rice 蛋炒饭 Fried rice with egg 地瓜粥 Sweet potato congee
面 类
馄饨面Wonton & noodles 刀削面Sliced noodles 麻辣面Spicy hot noodles 鳝鱼面 Eel noodles
麻酱面 Sesame paste noodles 鸭肉面 Duck with noodles 乌龙面 Seafood noodles
榨菜肉丝面 Pork , pickled mustard green noodles 牡蛎细面 Oyster thin noodles
板条 Flat noodles 米粉 Rice noodles 炒米粉 Fried rice noodles 冬粉 Green bean noodle
汤 类
鱼丸汤 Fish ball soup 贡丸汤 Meat ball soup 蛋花汤 Egg & vegetable soup
蛤蜊汤 Clams soup 牡蛎汤 Oyster soup 紫菜汤 Seaweed soup 酸辣汤 Sweet & sour soup
馄饨汤 Wonton soup 猪肠汤 Pork intestine soup 肉羹汤 Pork thick soup 鱿鱼汤 Squid soup
花枝羹 Squid thick soup
甜 点
爱玉 Vegetarian gelatin 糖葫芦 Tomatoes on sticks 长寿桃 Longevity Peaches
芝麻球 Glutinous rice sesame balls 麻花 Hemp flowers 双胞胎 Horse hooves
冰 类
绵绵冰 Mein mein ice 麦角冰 Oatmeal ice 地瓜冰 Sweet potato ice
红豆牛奶冰 Red bean with milk ice 八宝冰 Eight treasures ice 豆花Tofu pudding
果 汁
甘蔗汁 Sugar cane juice 酸梅汁 Plum juice 杨桃汁 Star fruit juice 青草茶 Herb juice
点 心
牡蛎煎 Oyster omelet 臭豆腐 Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu) 油豆腐 Oily bean curd 芋头糕 Taro cake
麻辣豆腐 Spicy hot bean curd 虾片 Prawn cracker 虾球 Shrimp balls 春卷 Spring rolls
蛋卷 Chicken rolls 碗糕 Salty rice pudding 筒仔米糕 Rice tube pudding 红豆糕 Red bean cake
绿豆糕 Bean paste cake 糯米糕 Glutinous rice cakes 萝卜糕 Fried white radish patty 豆干 Dried tofu 肉圆 Taiwanese Meatballs 水晶饺 Pyramid dumplings 肉丸 Rice-meat dumplings
其 他
当归鸭 Angelica duck 槟榔 Betel nut 火锅 Hot pot
Dialog one:
commis: How do microbes (bacteria) get in food (2)
chef: Mostly from your hands (3) .
commis: I should always wash them.
chef: Yes. Everything in the kitchen should be sanitized (4) .
commis: Right, I’ll use an antiseptic to sterilize.
(to sanitize= to sterilize)
Dialog Two
commis: What foods (5) are most dangerous
chef: Protein foods (6) : meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy products, etc.
commis: Does food poisoning have a special taste, a special smell or a special color (7)
chef: No.
commis: How can I stop food poisoning
chef: Refrigerate food below 40F.
commis: Is there anything else I should know
chef: Never leave food outside the refrigerator for more than two hours (8).
(1) 食物中毒。
(2) 细菌是如何污染食物的?
(3) 主要是通过你的双手。
(4) 厨房里所有的东西都应该消毒。
(10) 蛋白质含量高的食物。
(11) 一般疑问句。“does”是do的第三人称单数形式,
(12) 它没词义,
(13) 是个助动词,
(14) 在这里帮助构成疑问句。
(15) 祈使句的否定形式多以do not(通常写为don’t)引起,
(16) 也可用never引起,
(17) 这时就是用never引起的祈使句,
(18) (19) “食物放在冰箱之外决不能超过两小时。”

1. Absolutely not. 绝对不是。
2. Are you coming with me 你跟我一起去吗?
3. Are you sure 你能肯定吗?
4. As soon as possible. 尽快。
5. Believe me. 相信我。
6. Buy it . 买下来!
7. Call me tomorrow. 明天打电话给我。
8. Can you speak slowly 请您说得慢些好吗?
9. Come with me. 跟我来。
10. Congratulations. 恭喜恭喜。
11. Do it right! 把它做对。
12. Do you mean it 你是当真的吗?
13. Do you see him often 你经常见到他吗?
14. Do you see it = Do you understand 你明白了吗?
15. Do you want it 你要吗?
16. Do you want something 你想要些什么?
17. Don’t do it . 不要做。
18. Don’t exaggerate. 不要夸张。
19. Don’t tell me that. 不要告诉我。
20. Give me a hand . 帮我一下。
21. Go right ahead. 一直往前走。
22. Have a good trip. 祝旅途愉快。
23. Have a nice day. 祝你一天过得愉快。
24. Have you finished 你做完了吗?
25. He doesn’t have time. 他没空。
26. He is on his way. 他现在已经在路上了。
27. How are you doing 你好吗?
28. How long are you staying 你要呆多久?
29. I am crazy about her. 我对她着迷了。
30. I am wasting my time . 我在浪费时间。
31. I can do it . 我能做。
32. I can’t believe it . 我简直不能相信。
33. I can’t wait . 我不能再等了。
34. I don’t have time . 我没时间了。
35. I don’t know anybody. 我一个人都不认识。
36. I don’t like it . 我不喜欢。
37. I don’t think so . 我认为不是。
38. I feel much better. 我感觉好多了。
39. I found it . 我找到了。
40. I hope so . 我希望如此。
41. I knew it . 我早知道了。
42. I noticed that. 我注意到了。
43. I see. 我明白了。
44. I speak English well. 我英语说得很好。
45. I think so . 我认为是这样的。
46. I want to speak with him. 我想跟他说话。
47. I won. 我赢了。
48. I would like a cup of coffee, please. 请给我一杯咖啡。
49. I’m hungry. 我饿死了。
50. I’m leaving. 我要走了。
51. I’m sorry. 对不起。
52. I’m used to it . 我习惯了。
53. I’ll miss you. 我会想念你的。
54. I’ll try. 我试试看。
55. I’m bored. 我很无聊。
56. I’m busy. 我很忙。
57. I’m having fun. 我玩得很开心。
58. I’m ready. 我准备好了。
59. I’ve got it . 我明白了。
60. I’ve had it . 我受够了


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