You work for a company which is going to buy a set of equipment from China. You are asked to translate a lot of specifications and instructions within four months, which is impossible. Therefor you decide to advertise for two experienced translators as soon as possible.

  . Write a short note to Mr. Max Remington ,the Public Relation’s manager. Ask for an advertisement for two translators.

  . Explain the reason.

  . Mention your urgency.

  . Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.


  You work in the Market Survey institute. After careful research ,you receive four charts.

  Read the following charts which show , the trend of consumer confidence, real hourly wages, employment and credit development. The years are given ,while the other numbers are not presented. But the lines in the charts clearly show , the directions of development.

  . Use the information in the charts to write a report (about 100- 120 words) analyzing the reason why the consumer confidence increases.

  . Write on your Answer Sheet. (图略)

  写作部分参考答案(Sample for reference)


  Dear Mr. Max Remington ,

  As our company is purchasing a set of equipment ,a lot of materials -have to be translated, which is impossible to do within four months. Could you advertise for two experienced translators in the newspapers? It is urgent.


  Near the end of 1994, people suddenly become “rich’’, buying a lot of things. We have received the report that the real hourly wages of workers become even less ,so they do not have enough money to buy so many things. Although the employment is rising towards the end of 1994 ,the growth is very slow. Therefore ,not many people find jobs to earn enough money to buy goods. Then where does the big consumer confidence come from? We have discovered that people overspend with various credit cards ,buying goods. And they are not worried about returning the borrowed money. This it is our turn to be concerned about this kind of consumer confidence.


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