第五套题  Part Two Question 13—22

  Section One Questions 13—17

  Question 13

  There is just the two of us in here and it can get very tense, especially as we get towards the end of the mouth. It’s absolutely vital that everything is completed to schedule otherwise the staff won’t get paid on time. There’s no bigger disaster than that, is there?

  Question 14

  We’ve had a big problem lately with screen savers. Lots of staff like to load these and several times the whole system has gone down or else there’s been a virus .Well, they’ve been banned completely now, and we just have to hope that the staff do as they are told. Yes, we have to monitor things very carefully from here.

  Question 15

  We work in a large open-plan setting which can be tricky at times with the sort of work we do. There’re small meeting rooms where we can go to discuss things confidentially or where members of staff can talk to us in private. Of course, with the sort of information we keep, individual staff records and interview reports and so on, we have to be discreet at all times.

  Question 16

  It can get extremely noisy down here. The staffs are supposed to wear ear protectors at all times but that’s impossible if you need to talk to someone. The other things we have to contend with is dirt and dust. It’s OK when we’re not too busy but when there’s a rush on there isn’t time to clear up.

  Question 17

  We offer a very personalized service to the different divisions. Some of the staff are dedicated to groups of individuals within these divisions. That way we get to know what sort of service they are looking for and how much help they need from us over conference organization or brochures or whatever. What we do insist on, whether it’s leaflets or posters or local information, is quality.

  Section Two. Questions 18——22

  Question 18

  I don’t think there’s a fuse. Look! The wire’s loose here. It seems to have been disconnected probably. It’s been pulled out accidentally by someone tripping over it. I’ll just unscrew the back of the transformer and reconnect the wire.

  Question 19

  I now have the full result of your laboratory tests. Your blood tests were quite normal and there is nothing to worry about there. However, you are rather overweight and I believe that a low fat diet is indicated.

  Question 20

  I can do eighty words a minute, but the last piece of work I did took me a long time. The boss didn’t know the address, and so I had to took in a trade directory to find it. Then I found it very hard to read his hand-writing.

  Question 21

  It took me a long time to find out why it wouldn’t start. I examined every bit of the engine and cleaned the park plugs. Finally, I checked the fuel tank. It was annoyed!

  Question 22

  If you want a really professional record deck why don’t you look at the Technics 210. We sell a lot of them to disc jockeys BECause of the combination of GREat durability and a great price.


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