Questions 1-7

  . Read these sentences and the instructions that follow.

  . Which method does each sentence describe?

  . For each sentence mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your answer Sheet.


  You can dictate a message almost anywhere at your convenience.

  Answer: B

  1. You speak, while your secretary types down your words.

  2. You have to speak slowly and very clearly.

  3. One of these methods can be used when you are in a hurry.

  4. While dictating ,you use some tapes.

  5. One of the disadvantages of this method is that you are totally strange to the transcriber.

  6. The dictation is done with your speaking, a machine s recording, and your secretary s transcribing.

  7. The machine records your words and then provide the transcription.

  A. Dictation to your own secretary-“live” dictation, taken by a person who becomes familiar with your dictating characteristics.

  B. Dictation to a machine, with your secretary transcribing.

  Inexpensive cassette recorders provide great flexibility in dictation.

  You can dictate in the office, at home, in an automobile, in an airplane, and in any out-of-the-office situation. Your dictation tapes can be transcribed by being played back on modern transcribing equipment.

  C. Dictation to a machine, with a word-processing center providing the transcription in this case, the transcriber will probably not be familiar with your dictation manners and peculiarities.

  D. Other dictation methods, such as by telephone calls or by direct secretarial transcription at the typewriter. These methods are not routine but are used typically in “rush” situations. They require a slow voice speed and clear pronunciation.


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