Part Two 分析:


  1) descriptive a. complaint: make, confirm product quality 产品质量 b. appointment/meeting/invitation: make, confirm 时间/事件 change 先道歉 推迟(postpone) 取消(cancel) 细节变动 confirm 先道谢 c. assistance/permission/advice: ask for, give 上级对下级是give,下级对上级是ask for d. satisfaction/appreciation/compliment/congratulation You deserve it. 是你应得的。/你活该。

  e. make an enquire/ask for information/order/make a reservation

  Section Two. Question 18 to 22.

  • You will hear another five short messages.

  • For each message, decide what the speaker is doing.

  • Write one letter A – H next to the number of the message.

  • You will hear the five messages twice.






  A arranging a meeting

  B making an appointment

  C offering an invitation

  D canceling an order

  E making an apology

  F making an enquiry

  Section Two. Question 18 to 22.

  You will hear another five recordings.

  For each recording, decide what the speaker’s purpose is.

  Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the recording.

  Do not use any letter more than once.

  After you have listened once, replay the recordings.

  You have 15 seconds to read the list A-H.


  Now listen, and decide what each speaker’s purpose is.

  This is Mr. Lim from T. P. Consultants. We arranged to rent some computers from you for a training course in July, but they won't be needed. We've run into some problems with the training room. When it's sorted out we'll get back to you.

  Donald, this is Mary here. I'm trying to get the project leaders together to discuss the current delivery delays. I've provisionally booked Room W72 for Wednesday morning. Could you phone round to see if everybody can make it?

  Hello, I wonder if you can help me. This is Bill Kennedy on 3416577. I am phoning to see if you have any vacancies in your Accounts Department. I spoke to someone at the weekend who thought there might be the possibility of a temporary position. And I'd like to find out more about it.

  Hi, it's Tom Ling. You left a message asking if I could attend the directors' meeting Friday lunch time. I'm just calling to let you know that I'll be able to make it although I might be a few minutes late. I've got an appointment with the dentist earlier on, but I hope to be back in time.

  Dave, it's Maisy. If you're free at the weekend, would you like to come with us to the theatre. We'd like to treat you. We feel we owe it to you for all the help you've given us recently. There's a new comedy on. Supposed to be really good.


  19…get project leaders together…

  20…phoning to see if…

  21…left a message…Friday lunch time…

  22…would you…come with us…

  2 重点:purpose/topics/function 2) persuasive a. recommend/suggest/propose so…I think…should, had better, would, have to… effective 有效的 help, work b. explain so, then, therefore, as a result, that’s why… c. apologize/refuse d. contradict 比较 in comparison, however,while, on the other hand… similarly, quite similar, likewise 3) neutral a. doubt thinke it over, take sth. into account, reconsideration b. criticize/sarcasm/warn movie critic 影评人


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