Task 3

  A: Our guests are arriving at weekend for a three day visit, so let’s look at our arrangement of activities for our guests. Now, first of all, what items do you think should be included here?

  B: Well, as we know, they are here to investigate a possible long-term cooperation with us. So, the first thing Monday morning is to take them for a tour around our company. We should show them the best part of our company, particularly the office computer management system.

  A: Yes. But perhaps we should first give them a chance to see the video profile of our company before showing them around and that would give them a better idea of our unique way of operating our business.

  B: That’s great. I totally agree with you on that. What are we going to arrange for Monday evening? Theatre, concert, or restaurant?

  A: Oh, well. From the information we have gathered, they are people of very well cultured background, how about giving them some taste of Peking Opera at the Capital Theatre?

  B: I do not disagree, but I am afraid it shouldn’t be too long for that. There are other things I would want to bring to our attention. I mean we need to take cultural differences into consideration. I don’t think we can expect them to sit out a two hours performance that they understand practically little.

  A: Maybe we can arrange for half an hour of Peking opera before we take them for a late night dinner.

  B: Alright. That’s settled. But where do you think we should take them to for the meal?

  A: We should choose one of the best restaurants along the busiest street in this city where they could experience the hustle and bustle of this city.

  B: But there’s something else that I want to note here. I think the British are generally rather reserved people. I am afraid they would prefer not to have a too noisy and busy place for dinner.

  A: That’s a good point. In this case, we should book a room in a quite distinctive restaurant where we could have more privacy and at the same time enjoy the local food.

  B: If there is no further question, let’s get down to our preparation right now.


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