★★★In developing new products, I think market research is very important. By carrying out market research, a company can get such information as whether there exists a niche market for a new product, and what are customers' needs and tastes for the new product, therefore, the new product will sell well when it is launched into market.

  Next, I think costs are also important. A product's cost determines the product's price. Other costs like for marketing, advertising and managing will also be involved in. So cutting down the unnessary costs is a crucial step.

  Finally, screening is also a significant factor, because it separates ideas with potential from those that cannot meet company objectives. Poor screening may lead to product failure.

  ★★★When planning health and safety training for employees, it is important to select the right and related topics. Take chemical training as an example, relevant and important topics should be included, such as the methods used to detect the presence or release of hazardous chemicals, the physical and health problems posed by hazardous chemicals, and the ways by which employees can protect themselves from chemical dangers and so on. High topics achieve purposes.

  In addition to selecting topics, selecting related staff to attend is also important. If it can serve for target people and meet certain requests, the company can achieve the training purpose.

  Besides, the length of training and opportunity for re-training can be important as well because safety and health knowledge needs to be emphasized and reinforced from time to time, and lengthy training can be boring and have negative effects on trainees.

  ★★★In cost management, efficiency of production is an important aspect to consider. When introducing a production line, it is important to consult an ergonomics expert and see that it's user-friendly and will not cause too much physical stress and strain. Meanwhile, workers should get fully-trained to work more efficiently on the line.

  It is also important to cut down the cost of raw materials, as to a large extent, it helps to determine the product prices. Cost-conscious companies always seek to work with good suppliers who can offer quality raw materials with reasonable prices. Low quality materials from suppliers are actually a waste of money.

  Measures should also be taken to eliminate waste. On top of that, management should develop good benefits system to boost the morale of the workers.

  ★★★When organizing work time, time management skills are important. They are essential skills for effective people. Having clear objectives would help you concentrate on the right things which are important and urgent.

  In addition, keeping a diary would remind you of all essential tasks to be finished. It's a powerful method of organizing yourself and a way of reducing stress. Thus you can tackle problems in order of importance, which allows you to separate important jobs from the many time-consuming trivial ones.

  Apart from the two points I have mentioned, it's also important to get cooperation from those around you. Let your colleagues, spouse, family members, and others know about your efforts to manage a busy schedule, and thus you can be free from interruption.

  ★★★In deciding packaging for a product, it's important to choose the colour, texture and design that provide the best image or appearance of the product. A firm can create desirable appearance by designing a package that conveys signals of taste and food content. Many manufactures have upgraded the packaging of their food product to convey high-quality images.

  Next, I think the health and safety is especially important for food product. When designing the package, we should not only put emphasis on color, size, even graphics, but also the materials of the package whether it is environmentally friendly or not and whether it will contaminate the food inside or not.

  Finally, I think offering consumers convenience is also important. Packaging should be designed in such as way to make it easier for consumers to open the container and enjoy the product.

  ★★★When aiming to improve customer service, it is very important for a company to train the staff first. By inviting some experts to train the staff, it will improve staff's friendliness, the speed of service and learn to deal with customer complaints.


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