Section A  Steven: Well. I have an appointment now.

  Lily: I’m in quite a hurry too.

  Steven: Good to see you. Goodbye.

  Lily: Goodbye. Take care of yourself.

  Section B

  Lily: I guess I’d better go now.

  Steven: I’ve got to be going now too.

  Lily: In that case, I’ll be seeing you.

  Steven: So long. See you later.

  Section C

  Steven: It’s getting late, and I have to go now.

  Lily: We’re sorry you have to leave.

  Steven: Please excuse me, won’t you?

  Lily: Certainly. Come back soon.

  Section D

  Lily: I’m glad to have met you.

  Steven: Thank you. It was nice to have seen you.

  Lily: I hope we can get together again.

  Steven: Yes. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  Section E

  Steven: I think I have to leave now.

  Lily: Must you go soon?

  Steven: I’m afraid I really have to.

  Lily: Well, it was wonderful to get together again.


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