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  To all graphics staff:

  Sales have fallen recently because, although our packaging is functional, it is unattractive. I think we should develop new and appealing designs. Could you please attend a meeting in the boardroom at 10.00 am tomorrow to discuss this matter? (43 words)

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  Mr. Lui, Sales Production Personnel

  I am sorry that I may be unable to meet at the times arranged on Tuesday and Wednesday, as I shall now be having urgent discussions with an important visitor from Singapore. Our discussions should last two days, but, if they can be squeezed into less time, I may be able to meet the Production Personnel as previously arranged. However, I shall try to let you know by 5.00 pm on Tuesday afternoon and, if necessary, arrange another time for our meeting. In any case, since I shall definitely be busy on Tuesday afternoon, I wonder if I might now see Mr. Luis at 9.00 am on Thursday.来源:考试大

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